On a Peacock's Tail

On a Peacock's Tail

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On a Peacock’s Tail is a collection of 5 designs. The designs are unique, elegant, with that je ne sais quoi factor. All designs in the collection feature a lace motif resembling the eyes on a peacock's tail.

Peacock Eyes Cardigan is a lightweight cardigan made in fingering yarn. It's flattering and should perfectly match a dress or your favorite jeans. Peachick Eyes Cardigan is its girly version for all of you loving matching outfits, just like me. Peacock Eyes Beret, Loop and Fingerless Mitts can be made in the same worsted weight yarn to provide you with a unique set of accessories perfect for Fall or Winter.


Peacock Eyes Loop
Peacock Eyes Beret
Peachick Eyes Cardigan
Peacock Eyes Cardigan
Peacock Eye Fingerless Mitts