The Big Cable

Somehow the snow has dissapeared. At the moment the weather is a little bit like during spring. Some sunshine, or a little bit or rain, but no snow. One thing remains – it’s still not very warm and it feels really great to cuddle in a wool sweater, especially if it’s big and cozy like “The Big Cable”.

The Big Cable by Justyna Lorkowska
These photos were taken a month ago.

It was in April, maybe May last year when I saw this sweater on a girl in the street. I was driving to work and the big cable caught my attention immediately. Thankfully there was red light so I took out my notebook and drew a very simple sketch. I knew that one day I’d either buy it or make it myslef.

The store-bought sweater the girl was wearing was different tough: there was only one cable on the back, I remember it had pockets and a typical seamed construction. I decided to use my sketch as a starting point and just improvise on my own, but I kept the Garter stitch and the idea of huge cables.

Can you believe I made it in one week? The huge needles (that were so hard on my hands!) and super bulky DROPS Andes made knitting really fast. Additionally, the simple top-down construction made it very easy to try it on and decide on the length or fit. I made my “Big Cable” pretty long, but the instructions cover a hip length and short sleeves too.

I must say that this sweater hasn’t visited my closed even once since I made it. It’s there all the time, waiting on the sofa or armchair to be grabbed when the night gets chilly, or when my son comes to me to cuddle a little and needs a warm blanket. Yes, a blanket!

Today I released the design and it’s available on Ravelry or Lete’s Knits website and to keep you warm and cozy it’s discounted (no code needed) :-) Hope you enjoy it!

Happy knitting!

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