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We are snowbound

Finally there’s some snow in ToruĊ„! I’m so hoping it’ll stay with us for a while now. Finally we may get to wear all the handknit accessories we keep collecting. Hats. shawls, neckwarmers, you name it, it’s there!

From my Instagram

That shelf holds only half of the winter knitwear I’ve made in the last 3 years – over here you can only see things we wear all the time. A lot, I know. Well, some people collect shoes (done that too :-), some collect jewelry, I collect accessories. And yarn :-D

Just before Christmas I got a parcel from Brooklyn Tweed with two skeins of Shelter inside. I knew they would become a hat. A slouchy hat to be precise, as I’m a huge fan of those. I found a beautiful stitch pattern in one of my “knitting bibles” at home and made “Snowbound”.

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Christmas in Poland wasn’t even close to being snowbound so all the pictures we took look pretty funny considering the name of the hat :-) Just look at these. It looks like spring, doesn’t it?

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Shelter is a very interesting yarn to work with. First of all you should know that Brooklyn Tweed offers only two yarns for purchase: Shelter and Loft. The first one is worsted weight yarn, the second fingering. I admit I was pretty surprised when I saw that. Both yarns feel the same: they are nicely rustic and woolly, as if sligthly felted and both share the same tweedy look. After washing they become really soft and are good for next-to-skin wear. The only thing I don’t like is that Loft has a tendency to break easily, but the colors of both available make up for it.

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

I’m so excited for snow that I decided to cut the price by almost 35% and as long as my hometown is snowbound, the hat is available at a lower price too. And there’s more! You know that you can get a matching shawl (Ascalon) or a fingering weight beret (Galaxy Hat)? Isn’t that cool?

Photo credits belong to Christelle Nihoul and Rose Beck

Happy kntting!

xoxo Justyna