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Peachick Eyes Cardigan

Did you know that I baby peacock is called a peachick? :-) Me neither. Until I started working on kiddy version of Peacock Eyes Cardigan.

I cast on at the beginning of summer as it was meant to be a summer cardigan – light, airy, perfect to go with a dress or pants. Even though I’d ripped the yoke three times before it was perfect, the knitting was pure pleasure. No wonder as it’s made in Malabrigo Sock.

But then I got stuck on sleeves. Two tiny sleeves! Can you believe that? It took me over a month to make them. All because I had to make them one after another as I was alternating skeins and I didn’t want to cut them to make 4 small balls of yarn.

Today we are finally having nice weather so I took my girl for a walk to take some pics showing this beautiful pink yarn. I think it’s one of the most fabulous shades of pink I’ve seen – perfect for little girls.

The walk was great, though I admit it was a real adventure for her doll. :-D

The pattern should be ready for testing in about two weeks and after the test is complete it will be available on Ravelry as a single download or part of “On a Peacock”s Tail” collection.

Have a great day everyone!