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Simple Pullover

I think I love what I’m seeing.

Thanks to inspiration from wonderful Ravelers and Pinterest I decided on a very simple pullover. I can’t wait for it to be done, more so I seem to be lacking such a piece in my closet. Yup, this is the first time I’m actually making something that says “intended to be worn with positive ease”. And I just love how this yarn is knitting up. The colors shine wonderfully on the double seed stitch patterning and the lavender hints stopped shouting “Look at us! We’re here!”.

Just perfect! I wouldn’t want to see this yarn wasted. I just can’t find a good name for this pull.

Vanilla Bean

There are months in most knitters’ calendar when they can freely flock in various yarn groups and enjoy KALs, discounts, competitions or just have an excuse to knit :-) There’s Malabrigo March, Madelinetosh May or Plucky September. I took part in such a thing only once and it was Mad May. I found this to be a perfect excuse to ask my Hubby to buy me some Madelinetosh and I promised him I would make something really nice with it.

I made this sweater. Probably my most favorite cardigan ever. I wear it very often as it goes perfectly with a dress or a pair of jeans. This sweater also took part in a Mad May KAL in a competition for designers. It won! I was truly happy and proud, and when I got my prize I couldn’t stop smiling. One generous Raveler donated 6 skeins of Madelinetosh Merino DK in Vanilla Bean. 6 skeins! That’s a sweater quantity.

The yarn is beautiful, soft, with a nice twist (even though it’s a single-ply DK), but I must admit the color is really difficult. It’s really hard to capture it in a photo and it’s even harder to make it shine in a design.

I think it needs some texture and simple lines. No cables, absolutely no lace, nothing fancy.

So I swatched today. Double seed stitch, stockinette and 1×1 rib. I just love the double seed part! This stitch definitely is a must.

So now off to sketch a pullover :-)