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Rubbish Mojitos

I can’t believe I started this hat in November! Oh well, sometimes it happens that you make one simple hat 4 months right?

This hat has been on my to-do list for like a year. I love everything about it: little twists that create the lines on the purled background, the amount of slouch and lots and lots of Reverse Stockinette. Yes, that’s right. I love purling. :-) I think it must be thanks to the way I knit – I think it’s called combination knitting – in which purling is very fast and painless.

Anyway, here’s my Rubbish Mojitos (I love the story behind the name!) by fabulous Woolly Wormhead and I’m totally ready for spring :-)

Busy Bee

Last week was very busy. First my son got sick and had to stay home. You know what it’s like when your child skips kindergarten and all your plans fall through. Well, it happened to me…  Thankfully I managed to publish a cardigan design made in wonderful Malabrigo Sock – Criollo .

At the moment the cardigan is at a 10% discount on Ravelry. You do not need to type in any coupon code, just add it to cart and voila.

When Wojtek went back to kindergarten, I was still busy as I volounteered to help his teachers on a trip to a farm. We had so much fun and it was truly good quality time spend with my kiddo. It did keep me away from the keyboard and working though.

But it does not mean I’m not working at all. I am. Three more collaborations are coming in the very near future and I must say I’m truly excited about each of them as they are made with yarns created by very talented dyers.

I also finished a new cardigan design called “Carabe” so a lot of typing is ahead of me.

Hope you and I have a wonderful weekend now!

Peachick Eyes Cardigan

Did you know that I baby peacock is called a peachick? :-) Me neither. Until I started working on kiddy version of Peacock Eyes Cardigan.

I cast on at the beginning of summer as it was meant to be a summer cardigan – light, airy, perfect to go with a dress or pants. Even though I’d ripped the yoke three times before it was perfect, the knitting was pure pleasure. No wonder as it’s made in Malabrigo Sock.

But then I got stuck on sleeves. Two tiny sleeves! Can you believe that? It took me over a month to make them. All because I had to make them one after another as I was alternating skeins and I didn’t want to cut them to make 4 small balls of yarn.

Today we are finally having nice weather so I took my girl for a walk to take some pics showing this beautiful pink yarn. I think it’s one of the most fabulous shades of pink I’ve seen – perfect for little girls.

The walk was great, though I admit it was a real adventure for her doll. :-D

The pattern should be ready for testing in about two weeks and after the test is complete it will be available on Ravelry as a single download or part of “On a Peacock”s Tail” collection.

Have a great day everyone!