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My First Mystery KAL

My obssession with these cables began when I started working on Sople Cardigan. The cardigan is still being tech edited but I can now show you the two other designs that made me “cable crazy” :-)

First “Fuego Hat” was created. I made it on the train and in a hotel room when I was visiting my knitting buddies in Wrocław. I admit I’m not a “yellow person” but I have a soft spot for candlewick. I keep collecting it in different Madelinetosh bases and the one you see in the pics in Erin Heritage Wool. Unfortunately this base is now discontinued and you can buy it mostly through destash. It’s a very warm, nicely spun wool and the wonderful dye job just makes it more attractive.

I knew I couldn’t show the hat until January as it’s closely connected with the cardigan design I’ve been working on since September. In the meantime I published other designs and this one was waiting all the time. Then it occured to me that the construction of the cables would be just perfect for a Mystery Knit-A-Long. Of course, I got huge jitters as I knew how difficult such KALs are, but I must say last three weeks have been an amazing adventure. I could observe how the patterning emerged in so many different colors, feel the anticipation (and expectations) of other knitters. I tell you… wow!

Today (actually last night as I sent the last clue at about 2am) the MKAL is heading to an end and I can present you my very own “Fuego Hat”.

All these photos were taken on different days last year, but this year the hat is on my head very often too. What’s more, now it even has a matching cowl!

Very often my fabulous testers propose various designs which they’d like me to create and this one was no different. I admit that I’d propably wouldn’t even think of making the cowl if it wasn’t for them (thank you girls!). I found two skeins of Erin in color worn denim on destash and two days after receiving the yarn this neckwarmer came to life. It reminds me a lot of my “Dripstones Cowl” which is really great as after over two years of using the latter, I’m sure that such a shape is the best for looking awesome and actually staying warm. It lies nicely on your shoulders, under or on the jacket, and touches your chin making sure no wind gets near your neck. Love it!

 I created a small ebook for both designs called “Light My Fire” (yep, I love Jimmy!). Right now it contains only the hat, but Fuego Cowl is being tested at the moment and I hope to add it to the collection around January 22nd. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching various “Fuegos” pop up in the MKAL threads. It should be very exciting now and the prizes will be awarded very soon!

See you soon!

November light

Have you also noticed how hard it is to take nice pictures in November light? Well, it’s definitelly hard for me, mostly logistically. When I see the smallest beams of sunshine, I’m generally alone with kids. Taking modelled pics of my knitwear designs is a big problem then. You can imagine a tripod, two little ones and me in a fancy cardigan running after them :-) Hilarious.

Yesterday we tried to take some pics of my new cardigan design. Immediately when a little bit of sunshine appeared we jumped into the car with all our photo gear to take some shots. It was terribly windy and the light was still not fantastic, so I’ll probably retake them. Here’s a small sneak peek :-)

The design is already in testing so it should go live pretty soon.

In the meantime I also made two hats and an infinity loop. The first one was made in beautiful Madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool in my favorite shade of yellow from that dyer – candlewick. If you’re wondering what kind of a hat I have for you, think cables, think slouchy, think pompom. The hat came our so warm and cozy – it will be perfect for upcoming winter.

However, since there is still no snow in here I’m trying to keep myself warm with Rastita. Oh man, have you ever touched that yarn? It’s like the softest down you can imagine. I cast on for this design when I was working on Malabrigo Quickies. It was this or Rama Lama that was going to be published as a part of the Malabrigo project. I’m so happy I’ve finally finished it. I’ll share more with you about that design very soon!

Some projects have finished and some are just about to start… I just need to pick the best yarn. The decision is tough: my heart says gray and my brain says red. Need to decide fast as this collaboration is supposed to go live very soon too :-)

Have a great week!
Happy knitting, Justyna