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40 Minutes Away from Home

I think I can say I’m pretty lucky that I get along really well with my mother-in-law. She’s a really wonderful person with heart filled with lots of love and my kids are crazy about her. In June her husband died of lung and brain cancer – it was a really hard time for her (and my Hubby) and despite being disabled herself, she looked after him until his last days.

About a month ago we also started redecorating our flat. Well, we sure wanted to have a new bathroom, but you know how it is… new tiles with an old dirty door? If we change the door in the bathroom, others will stay different? No way! So if we change the doors everywhere, that means repainting the flat, right? And this is how I ended up spending my summer with kids at my mother-in-law’s and my Hubby staying home. Redecoration finished a while ago, but having seen my kids enjoying their time with Nanna when she reads books to them, tells fantastic fairy tales to sleep and gives them so much love, no way I feel the need to go back to Toruń. So we are here, in Inowrocław (which is about 40 minutes away from Toruń by car) spending lots of time in the playground with kids making new friends and me knitting on the bench. And my mother-in-law is having an easier time transitioning from being a wife to being a widow. I hope…


While sitting on the playground bench, I’m also working on a couple of new designs, some just for fun, some with deadlines.

First design I’d like to show you is just a simple textured pullover with some positive ease and in variegated yarn. Yes, positive ease and variegation! I’m not really into a lot of positive ease, or a lot of variegation, but decided to try it this time. “Mira” (which is my MIL’s name) is worked in the new base by Malabrigo called Mechita. Every time I wear it, I will remember about her and how awesome she is :)

The second design travelling to the playground with me is a pullover I’m making for my son and as a part of Winter Yarn Club by Hannah from Red Riding Hood Yarns. It’s my first time doing a yarn club design and I couldn’t be happier as the inspiration behind this one is really cute. Do you know “Cat in the Hat”? I bet you do. And can you see the colors? Awesome turquoise and red, and… well, you will see when this baby goes live. I can just say my son is pretty happy with this one (I’m even cosidering upsizing it for me!) and I’m having a lot of fun.

This month Swans Island has also published two of my designs created especially for their new “All American Collection Sport”, which is a lovely 100% Rambouillet base. It’s a very nice lofty wool  offered by them in lots of fabulous colors. And speaking of colors… When we discussed the inspiration for the designs I was told “think colorwork” and this is how my Fiona Coat and Ella Pullover were born. The former with color blocks, the latter with fair isle :-)

Fiona Coat is a gorgeous blanket cardigan with color blocks and afterthought pockets. I admit this is probably my most challenging design as I don’t generally do seas of Stockinette. I worked on it for 5 weeks and had to watch a lot of episodes of my favorite series to keep me on track ;-)

I’m very happy with how this cardi came out with all the lovely details, like I-cord edgings that keep the cardi in shape as well as color blocked front bands. I hope you like it too.

My second contribution to Swans Island colorwork collection is Ella Pullover.

This pullover is so much “me”. I was really excited when we picked the colors – they are exactly what you’d find in my closet – brown, beige, a little bit of blue. And a round yoke with fair isle! What can a girl want more? :-)

If you look closely you will see my yoke is slightly different, showing version 1.0 of the design. The one on pattern page (fabulously modelled and photographed, don’t you agree?) has dark spots on both edges of the fair isle, which were added later on. But worry not, pattern instructions are version 2.0 :-) I love both these designs so much and was really sad to send the away to the headquarters.
Hope you are also having a great time with your family. Try to enjoy every moment with them as they pass away too fast :-( Having said that, we are off to the playground again. See you soon!

Carabe Kid

The idea for this sweater came from testers, I think, and it turned out to be a perfect cardigan in my son’s kindergarten wardrobe. It’s fairly light, as it’s made in DK yarn, colorful and approved by Wojtek. I bet a lot of moms will agree with me that once your child turns 3, they have a lot to say about what they will or will not wear. Thankfully this sweater gives them a chance to be picky and choose their favorite color combination, from a very simple one to even rainbow spectrum, thus making the design unisex.

The cardigan has the same construction as adult Carabe, which means it’s a contiguous top-down sweater with a shawl collar.

As usual there’s an intruductory promotion :-)

Until 12th June the design is 15% off. No code needed, the discount should apply at the checkout.

Also if you have already purchased Carabe, or if you purchase both designs now, you will get 30% discount with code CARABEPAIR. The discount expires on June 12th.

Happy knitting!

DSC_0836P.S. Photos by Marcin Duda.

On the Needles: Bobbles, Stripes and Cables

Knit knit knit…

My needles are clicking all the time :-) Stitches get twisted, slipped and increased as I’m making a lovely bobbly cardigan for Agnieszka. Three skeins of Dream in Color Calm in colorway Tang were just meant to become this sweater. This yarn has such wonderful stitch definition, perfect for cables! And I have a feeling it will wear really nicely. It’s a 1-ply worsted American wool, so I’m guessing it should hold a lot better than say, some delicate merino.

I also finished a really nice pullover. It has cables, a funky construction with very subtle dolman sleeves and on top of that seems very wearable. This sweater is also pretty special to me as it’s the first time I’m inviting purple into my wardrobe :-) I’ve never felt comfortable with this color (probably because as a kid I had to wear a lot of it), but decided that sticking to greens and blues is just playing safe, and there’s nothing creative about that, is there? So I stepped out of my comfort zone, bought Arroyo in Borrajas and knit this baby :-) I’m so glad I did it! And I must say I can’t wait to stash more purples…

This sweater has also pushed me to explore dolman sleeves a bit more and take out my old UFO. I started a pullover in Holst Coast a while ago, but I didn’t like the fabric I was getting – way too drapey, so I ripped everything and CO for something completely new. Hope it turns out ok :-)

Are your needles also busy?

love, J.