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Really nice

Yesterday was really nice. Altough I do feel at least 3 pounds bigger after all the food we ate at an Easter table, I’m also really happy we got to spend such a nice time together. At the beginning of this month Marcin changed his job and resigned from teaching, so the obvious perk of lots of vacations has dissapeared. Now it really is just me, kids, knitting, cleaning for most of the day, so we try to do our best we we are together.

Hope you are also having a wonderful time <3

Happy Birthday!

I still remember when I took Aga’s photo with her brother. It was  immediately after coming back home from hospital. She was so tiny then. And all of a sudden Wojtek seemed so big. It was two years ago.

 Last week my baby girl turned two and she’s not a little baby anymore.

Happy birthday Aga!

Last week

Last week was very busy. Yet again my kids got an ear infection and that meant a lot of getting up in the night to ease their pain. They are feeling much better now and being naughty again :-) I decided to check Wojtek’s hearing after all the sicknesses this winter and at the end of March we will be doing an audiogram. Hope the results are good.

In the meantime we had a small birthday celebration with my family. We don’t see each other very often so it was a real treat for the kids with all the games and running they could do together.

Agnieszka with her cousin, my niece.
Agnieszka with her cousin, my niece.
Yep, 4 years!
Aga with grandpa, my dad.

We had an amazing day and Wojtek was so happy getting the presents he’d been dreaming about for a while now. I’m so happy seeing my son’s passions develop – I know how important it is to have hobbies and something you love with all your heart (not necessarily knitting :-). He’s crazy about building robots, cars, houses, and I love watching him concentrate.

Then, when he’s busy, I can also knit a little :-)

Have a fab week everyone!
hugs, Justyna