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Grettir for Her

I’ve wanted make my own Grettir since Jared Flood published it.

I absolutely love fairisle and round yokes so it was pretty obvious this design would find its way to my closet. Well, not only mine as I cast on for my Hubby’s version yesterday.

I made my Grettir in Cascade Yarns 220. It’s worsted weight wool which means this sweater knit up really fast. I made it in between other projects and I was really surprised it went so fast. I modified the original instructions a little. My sleeves and body are longer. When I knit bottom-up sweaters I can never tell it all parts are long enough and I end up making them really long :-) I love the length of the body, but sleeves grew a little in washing so I have to fold the ribs now. I don’t mind that a lot as this sweater will be used by me during cold winter days so extra fabric on my wrists will be just perfect to keep my hands warm.

This was the second time I made a stranded round yoke. The first one was knit top-down with lots of increases and decreases to compensate for the gauge difference between the stranded part and Stockinette. So much fuss! Jared just tells you to go up in needle size and I admit I like it a lot more. The decreases are not all over the yoke, the stitches are clean and even, and the chart is very easy. Bravo!

There were also a couple of other modifications. My last short row section has only 4 short rows. I believe the original instructions work well with a turtle neck, but crewneck was too high on back neck for my taste. Also next time I’d work chart A instead of B – I’m short and those two rows less would make the yoke fit me better.

I highly recommend this pattern to everyone wanting to try stranded knitting for the first time. It’s really easy and Jared even tells you which color is dominant so your WS looks really neat.

All in all, I love my Grettir a lot and can’t wait to make the men’s version for my Hubby now. I just wish my modelled pics were better, but it’s either too dark or raining in here :-( So next time, when I model the sweater with Marcin :-)

Have a great weekend!

Ah well…

This week Wojtek needs to stay home again. I knew he would be catching various bugs pretty often, but I never imagined it would be THAT often. I don’t mind him staying home but the thing is that I can see he misses kindergarten. Ah well…

He helps me in my work though :-)

He just loves taking part in all the photoshoots and if he can actually do something that is so much fun for him. So yesterday we wanted to try out a new gift from my hubby – a reflector. It’s super cool as it contains 7 types of surfaces. We tried only two – a silver one and a white one to shoot some yarn that I’m going to CO in the next few days.

I just can’t wait to start working with both of them. They have an amazing color and both are so soft. I will keep you posted about my progress for sure!

In the meantime, Carabe went to testing. I must say this cardigan is going to be my number 1 this winter. The softness of this yarn (Malabrigo Rios) is almost indecent.

And finally a small update on my Grettir. Making a bottom-up sweater is something I really avoid doing like hell, but I just love that first I’m done with the dreaded sleeves (yay to that!) and Jared saved the best (fair-isle) for last. ATM my sleeves are ready and last night I CO for body.

How are you doing this week?


Perfect combination

Sometimes it’s so hard to mix and match colors together…

About half a year ago I saw this wonderful sweater by the talented Jared Flood. I just fell madly in love with it but postoned casting on as I had no idea what color combination I’d like to use for the yoke. Then new FO pics started appearing on Ravelry in my friends’ feed and I decided to start planning. It would be pretty hard and expensive for me to buy so much Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER as I want to make two Grettirs – one for my husband, one for me. You can imagine how much money that would cost :-) So I decided to stick to well known and loved Cascade Yarn 220.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to my color choices – most of the yarn are buy is green, blue, brown or neutral. And so will my Grettir be.

Picking colors for Marcin was way more difficult and took me three months. Initially I wanted the sweater to be a surprise, but when I saw his reaction after buying “Vaa” colorway from Malabrigo Rios for him, I decided not to risk this time and just ask the man. “Grayish or brownish”. That’s what I heard.

So I started looking for the perfect combination. Unfortunatelly my initial choices had to be altered a bit as either the color was out of stock in the online shops I wanted to buy the yarn from, or there were too few hanks. Anyway, this is what I’ve got in front of me now.

My choice: neutral body and sleeves; sienna, ochre and green for the yoke.
Marcin’s: sienna for the body and sleeves; neutral (220 heathers), brown and green for the yoke.

What do you think? I still haven’t started and maybe I’ll change my mind…

Thankfully the sweater is worked from bottom up so there’s still plenty of time for that.


Happy knitting!