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The folder for this sweater on my compter is still called “Forest cardigan”. It must be thanks to the combination of this shade of green and the stitch pattern which reminds me of conifers. So how come it’s called Yakushima? The same reason. Yakushima is a Japanese island almost completely covered with trees, just like this cardigan with the lovely texture. Actually the name of this stitch pattern has nothing to do with trees – it’s  Little Tent Pattern – but when I realized the name of the colorway I used is Tent, I knew this design was meant to be :-)


I made the sweater using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter which, in my opinion, is just perfect for unique textured fabric (and cables :-). I love how the slipped stitches stand out from the Garter columns. And I love the tweedy specs of yellow on the green background.


This cardigan is something new for me. I love fitted garments, nice waist shaping and a lovely scoop neck, but this time I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make my own version of so-called “grandpa’s cardigan”, with a relaxed fit, very minimal waist shaping (which you can easily adjust, of course, if you wish to) and pockets. I love the final result. The sweater is very comfortable and matches my everyday outfits a lot. More, it even matches my khaki dress which I bought two years ago at a clearance and haven’t worn since. Until now :-)


Finally this cardigan brought a pretty awesome person into my life. When Marcin (nope not my Hubby, though he’s pretty awesome too :-) agreed to take pics of my designs I was over the moon. I admire his work so much – the atmosphere, the colors and his “eye” were something that I found irresistable. After the photoshoot it turned out that photography is his passion and life and he’s truly talented. You might think that if someone takes wedding pics he would not understand what “knitting” is all about? So wrong! When Marcin sent me the pics of my designs my jaw dropped. Literally. This man knows what he’s doing and he loves it.


Yakushima is available on Ravelry and through Lete’s Knits website.
Happy knitting!xoxo, Justyna

We are snowbound

Finally there’s some snow in Toruń! I’m so hoping it’ll stay with us for a while now. Finally we may get to wear all the handknit accessories we keep collecting. Hats. shawls, neckwarmers, you name it, it’s there!

From my Instagram

That shelf holds only half of the winter knitwear I’ve made in the last 3 years – over here you can only see things we wear all the time. A lot, I know. Well, some people collect shoes (done that too :-), some collect jewelry, I collect accessories. And yarn :-D

Just before Christmas I got a parcel from Brooklyn Tweed with two skeins of Shelter inside. I knew they would become a hat. A slouchy hat to be precise, as I’m a huge fan of those. I found a beautiful stitch pattern in one of my “knitting bibles” at home and made “Snowbound”.

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Christmas in Poland wasn’t even close to being snowbound so all the pictures we took look pretty funny considering the name of the hat :-) Just look at these. It looks like spring, doesn’t it?

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Shelter is a very interesting yarn to work with. First of all you should know that Brooklyn Tweed offers only two yarns for purchase: Shelter and Loft. The first one is worsted weight yarn, the second fingering. I admit I was pretty surprised when I saw that. Both yarns feel the same: they are nicely rustic and woolly, as if sligthly felted and both share the same tweedy look. After washing they become really soft and are good for next-to-skin wear. The only thing I don’t like is that Loft has a tendency to break easily, but the colors of both available make up for it.

Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

I’m so excited for snow that I decided to cut the price by almost 35% and as long as my hometown is snowbound, the hat is available at a lower price too. And there’s more! You know that you can get a matching shawl (Ascalon) or a fingering weight beret (Galaxy Hat)? Isn’t that cool?

Photo credits belong to Christelle Nihoul and Rose Beck

Happy kntting!

xoxo Justyna

Welcome 2014

Welcome to 2014! I don’t know about you but I’m truly excited about the New Year. This will definitely be the year of new ideas and challenges for me.

2013 changed a lot in my life. My son started going to kindegarten – a huge step for my little boy paid for with lots of germs in the house (which might lead to tonsillectomy :-/), but he loves his friends, talks about them all the time and what’s more important he just adores his kindergarten teacher. Aga is so much bigger now, very comunicative and funny too.

Last year was also truly creative – it began with the publication of “Peacock Eyes Cardigan”, which is still one of my favorite cardigans ever and finished with a gray hat knit with fabulous Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER.

I love that my knitting has become a bit more advanced and I’m really happy to have explored various techniques of shaping garments. I have enjoyed making sweaters using Contiguous Method and I must say it’s pretty awesome. However I still love good old raglan and plan on making a couple of more raglan garments in the future. I also want to practise top-down designs more (the ones where you start with provisional cast-on on back neck) as they give a lot more possibilities for really creative patterning. Finally, I’d love to design a bottom-up sweater. This will be really something for me as I’m not a fan of such construction at all.

Last year I also found my way here… After a couple of years of blogging about my knitting and my family in Polish I moved here to be able to share my knitting adventure with everyone around the world. This blog has also become a part of something bigger that I dreamed of having for a long time – my very own website. It’s very special to us because we created it ourselves from the very beginning. Once more my talented  Hubby made my dream come true.

Last year also got me hooked to social media. I admit that Twitter is still a bit vague to me and I keep forgetting about tweeting, but I’m just in love with Instagram. I’ve always been a person of a few words and lots of images when it comes to blogging so Instagram is just perfect. I’m really loving it :-)

A pic from Instagram of my 4th One-Skein Adventure

Last but not least 2013 brought so many fantastic people to my live I could only dream of. Knitters, Ravelers, my testers, translators and editor, family, everyone who supported me last year, THANK YOU! You are my biggest inspiration, help, creative force. I wish everyone a Happy New Year with lots of love, cuddling and yarn :-)