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Awesome FO: Evaporate by Szyleczko

When I was making my own “Evaporate” I strongly believed the design would work well with solids and varietaged yarns. The stitch pattern creates a lovely texture perfect to show off  the fabulous stitch definition of various yarns as well as the richness of colors and shades of handdyed beauties. And then a couple of days ago I noticed this awesome version pop up in my friends feed on Ravelry.

The yarn as if shines in the net-like lace (not only because of the sparkle :-) and the greens seem to be dancing through the fabric. I think it’s one of the best marriages between yarn and pattern I’ve seen.


Pattern: Evaporate
Knitter: Szyleczko, here’s Karolina’s project page
Yarn: Yarn and Art

Awesome FOs: Criollo by Addiesma

There’s nothing nicer than seeing how one of your ideas is molded in the hands of another knitter. It is truly inspirational and makes you realize that “a design” is just a starting point for everyone’s imagination.

Sara Gresbach, aka Addiesma, has used one of my absolutely favorite colorways, bloomsbury, and knit a wonderful version of “Criollo”. Her cardigan is so delicate, feminine and beautiful, just like Sara :-)

Sara did make some modifications to the design and I must say they are wonderful. She says: “I really love the original design, I just didn’t have it in me at the end of the day when I finally sat down to work on it. It just needed to be a little more simple and go a little faster. The mock cable was the perfect mod for me and my knitting “personality.” And this is exactly what I can see in the photos. A “Criollo” with a pinch of Sara’s soul.


Pattern: Criollo
Knitter: Addiesma, here’s Sara’s project page
Yarn: Madelinetosh TOSH Sock

(P.S. Not sure if you know, but Sara is a talented designer as well! Check out her site)

Awesome FOs: Carabe by JennEmerson

I love matching colors together and the more surprising combo I get, the more excited I am. I love blue paired with green, pink with turquoise, gray with orange… The possibilities are endless. Last year I made Carabe, which is a sweater created for everyone to have fun mixing colors.

There are many beautiful Carabe’s made by talented knitters around the world and I love them all, however, Jenn’s Carabe is my personal fav. It’s so subtle and the colors Jenn paired together are truly maginificent. Look at that shade of blue (though most men would probably call it green :-) on the gray background. Just gorgoeus! I’m sure that if I was to make the sweater again, Jenn would be my inspiration.

Pattern: Carabe
Knitter: JennEmerson, here’s Jenn’s project page
Yarn: Madelinetosh Vintage