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It’s been a while since the last time I made for my daughter something bigger than a crochet hat and I forgot how nice and rewarding tiny knits can be.

Tomorrow Agnieszka will be christened and I needed something whitish (not white as this yarn is not available in such a colorway) to go with her flowery dress.

Initially I was planning to improvise a shrug myself, but after a couple of days when I couldn’t decide on the construction, I gave up and settled down with “Artichaut”.

I’d love to say that I’m super happy with this little sweet thing but I’m not. I mean it IS a sweet little thing, but actually it was pretty difficult to achieve what you can see in the pics.

I love all the unique details of Aga’s “Artichaut”, like slipped stitches along the neckline, a very interesting construction, single seed stitches all over but unfortunately the instructions gave me a hard time. There were moments when I really had no idea what I should do next. Also I have to second everything Monika wrote about this pattern.

However, it doesn’t mean I will not make it again. I sure will! :-)

Finally, I should say something about the yarn. I made the shrug in Malabrigo Silky Merino and oh my! What a treat! It’s sooooo soft and wonderful to touch. I definitely should make something for myself in it. :-)

So tomorrow is a big day for my Little One. Hope everything goes well…

Have a great weekend too!