Simple Pullover

I think I love what I’m seeing.

Thanks to inspiration from wonderful Ravelers and Pinterest I decided on a very simple pullover. I can’t wait for it to be done, more so I seem to be lacking such a piece in my closet. Yup, this is the first time I’m actually making something that says “intended to be worn with positive ease”. And I just love how this yarn is knitting up. The colors shine wonderfully on the double seed stitch patterning and the lavender hints stopped shouting “Look at us! We’re here!”.

Just perfect! I wouldn’t want to see this yarn wasted. I just can’t find a good name for this pull.

9 thoughts on “Simple Pullover”

    1. No ja jestem zaskoczona, ze tak fajnie to wygląda. Przejrzałam zdjęcia innych na Ravelry z tym kolorem i jakoś tak słabo to wygladało. Nie wiem, może jakoś inaczej fotki robili – ja staram się uchwycić prawdziwy kolor tej włóczki, bo na żywo na serio wyglada niesamowicie.

  1. This looks amazing and I too have very few (one I think) relaxed comfy knits in my wardrobe. I’m watching with great interest! :-)

    1. Thank you Zara! The moment I started thinking what it should become I also realized that I have none (pregnancy sweaters don’t count :-)

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