Scrappy Ski Hat – a free pattern

I have lots of leftovers lying around the house. I keep collecting them in small bags according to yarn weight – maybe I’ll use them for a project in the future. Yesterday when I was watching something on TV I unconsciously cast on for a hat. It was totally unplanned. This is what I made – sort of a ski hat :-) I don’t ski, but this is what my Hubby called it and added “Oh you’ve made a hat just like the hats we used to wear when we were kids”.

I did not write down thoroughly tested and edited instructions but if you’d like to make a similar hat I’d like to share what I remember with you.

You will need the following:
yarn: scraps of aran weight yarn “Drops NEPAL” in various colors. Altogether about 150 meters/165 yards, pompom included, but this may vary among knitters.
needles: 3.75 mm/US#5 and 4.5 mm/US #7 circular needles or dpns, or size needed to obtain correct gauge.
notions: stitch marker, darning needle, pompom maker (optional).

The hat should fit an average adult’s head with circumference of 52-56 cm/21-22″.

18 sts over 10 cm/4″ in Stockinette with bigger needle (the hat was not washed!)

Using smaller size needle, CO 88 sts. Join for working in round making sure not to twist the stitches. Place BOR marker.
Work 5 cm/2″ in 2×2 rib (k2, p2).
Increase round: *k11, m1r*, repeat around = 96 sts.

Change to bigger size needle and begin working stripe sequences. If you look closely you will see that each 2-color sequence is worked like that:
Rounds 1 and 2: knit around in C1 yarn.
Round 3: *k1 (C2), k1 (C1)*, repeat around.
Round 4: knit around in C2 yarn.
Next you will repeat the sequence with a new pair of matching colors. And so on, and so on…

Here’s a small chart for you.

Work as established until your hat measures about 16 cm/6.5″ from CO edge, or desired length.

Crown Shaping
When working crown decreases on round 4 of the 2-color sequence you will notice that sometimes it’ll be better to use ssk instead of k2tog. It will allow you to keep the continuity of the blend between C1 and C2 (in other words you will not have one-color stitches next to each other).
Round 1: *k10, k2tog*, repeat around = 88 sts.
Round 2: knit around.
Round 3: *k9, k2tog*, repeat around = 80 sts.
Round 4: knit around.
Round 5: *k8, k2tog*, repeat around =72 sts.
Round 6: knit around.
Round 7:*k7, k2tog*, repeat around =64 sts.
Round 8: *k6, k2tog*, repeat around = 56 sts.
Round 9: *k5, k2tog*, repeat around = 48 sts.
Round 10: *k4, k2tog*, repeat around = 40 sts.
Round 11: *k3, k2tog*, repeat around = 32 sts.
Round 12: *k2, k2tog*, repeat around = 24 sts.
Round 13: *k1, k2tog*, repeat around = 16 sts.
Round 14:  k2tog around = 8 sts.

Cut yarn and pull through remaining live stitches and then pull thread closing the hole. Weave in ends and block the hat lightly (if you wish to – I didn’t :-).
That’s it :-)

Oh, one more thing. Make a pom pom using your favorite techinque and enjoy :-)

My son saw the huge pompom and immediately requested a ski hat for himself. Well, what can you do :-)

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  1. Dear Lete, thank you for all the fabulous work and designs. I fell in love with knitting not that long ago, started following you, and have endless queue of things to be knitted, but here’s my begginers’ question/suggestion, which I believe, is not that uncommon: could you, please post some of your remarks on yarns that you are working along with showing the garments themselves? I remember reading your merino yarn “chart list” some while ago and it was great. As for Nepal, as it is one of those easily-accessible and well-priced yarns, I would appreciate some expert opinion on durability, how it wears with time and so on. Same for other yarns, please.

    Lots of love and best wishes for this New Year full of knitting perspectives!

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