Project Bags

If you are a polygamous knitter like me, you definitely have more than one project on your needles. I have lots of them actually. Some are kept in boxes, some in plastic bags (terrible, I know) but a few lucky get to be nicely tucked in project bags.

However, it turns out I need a lot more project bags to keep my WIPs safe so I decided to make a couple of them myself. I used the fabric that remained from my small quilting adventure and followed a fabulous tutorial by Shannon Cook from LOVINTHEMOMMYHOOD blog.

How cute are these? And Shannon is right saying they can fit a sweater! Well, maybe not a worsted weight one, but fingering one for sure :-)

 I’ll be making a lot more of these for sure. In the meantime these two will be offered as prizes in Ravellenic games. Hope you like them!

See you soon!