Perfect combination

Sometimes it’s so hard to mix and match colors together…

About half a year ago I saw this wonderful sweater by the talented Jared Flood. I just fell madly in love with it but postoned casting on as I had no idea what color combination I’d like to use for the yoke. Then new FO pics started appearing on Ravelry in my friends’ feed and I decided to start planning. It would be pretty hard and expensive for me to buy so much Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER as I want to make two Grettirs – one for my husband, one for me. You can imagine how much money that would cost :-) So I decided to stick to well known and loved Cascade Yarn 220.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to my color choices – most of the yarn are buy is green, blue, brown or neutral. And so will my Grettir be.

Picking colors for Marcin was way more difficult and took me three months. Initially I wanted the sweater to be a surprise, but when I saw his reaction after buying “Vaa” colorway from Malabrigo Rios for him, I decided not to risk this time and just ask the man. “Grayish or brownish”. That’s what I heard.

So I started looking for the perfect combination. Unfortunatelly my initial choices had to be altered a bit as either the color was out of stock in the online shops I wanted to buy the yarn from, or there were too few hanks. Anyway, this is what I’ve got in front of me now.

My choice: neutral body and sleeves; sienna, ochre and green for the yoke.
Marcin’s: sienna for the body and sleeves; neutral (220 heathers), brown and green for the yoke.

What do you think? I still haven’t started and maybe I’ll change my mind…

Thankfully the sweater is worked from bottom up so there’s still plenty of time for that.


Happy knitting!


5 thoughts on “Perfect combination”

  1. This looks beautiful! Color combinations are tricky, especially when you have to choose from a computer screen – and even trickier when you’re choosing for someone else!
    I’d go with subtle neutrals as well. They’re just more flattering and they will go with everything, and I’m sure Husband will like them, too. :) Cascade 220 is also my go-to yarn for worsted projects. I have a couple of Flood’s patterns queued in Cascade yarns as well – instead of Shelter, which is a bit expensive, I think, especially for big projects such as this.

    1. Yes, that’s the best you can do. Whenever I get a chance to make him pick everything, I do it. Then everyone is happy.

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