On the Needles: Rusty

Despite the changeable aura outside my window my mind is working in spring mode all the way. So I might be wearing my worsted sweaters to keep me cozy, but my needles are occupied with fingering yarn and airy fabrics. I can’t wait to wear sleeveless tops, colorful pants and my summer cardigans so I’m making a new summer cardigan now.

I’ve had this yarn in my stash for almost two years. It’s Colour Adventures Merino Light – a typical single ply merino yarn, very similar to Madelinetosh Merino Light, but the colors are not that much typical. These are not two different colorways, but it’s the same Rust. The only difference is that the bright orange one comes from the very first lot dyed by Elena, while the remaining two were bought about a year later. Amazing how the color emerged from almost variegated rusty orange to a solid brown.

Is it possible to make a sweater if you have skeins from totally different lots? Yes, of course. Firstly, if you want to join the skeins in a nice way you must alternate (I’m working from 3 skeins at the same time), changing the working yarn in every row. It is messy but possible. Secondly, you need to choose a pattern that will have a construction which will incorporate the colors evenly on the whole sweater – for me it’s the contiguous method, or raglan. I picked the first one, so I’ll be making a top-down summer cardigan making sure to minimize finishing to avoid visible differences in lots. So this is what I have today…

I’m pretty happy with what I’m getting. So far the fabric looks really nice. The orange skein blends nicely with the browns creating subtle variegation. Just take a look at this pic! Lovely, isn’t it?

The design itself will be very simple. A while ago I promised to make a couple of minimalist designs and this is the second one. It will be perfect for beginners who want to tackle the contiguous sleeves for the first time and make a light summer cardi. I hope to publish it in June, maybe July so stay tuned.

What else is on the needles? My so-called “sandpit knitting” (a project I take with me when I go to the playground with kids, something easy and small) is a very simple pullover for my son. Absolutely nothing fancy, just red and gray stripes and raglan sleeves. I’m almost at the body/sleeves split.

Oh yes, there’s the bright green knit too, but more about it soon!
Are your needles busy too?

Hope you have a fab week!

4 thoughts on “On the Needles: Rusty”

  1. Oh – a new pattern for a summer sweater. Hurry please. I just purchase some yarn for that very thing at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and am searching for the perfect pattern.

    1. Branda, this baby will go live next month for sure. It should go to my tech editor in a day or two.
      It doesn’t make sense to wait and release it at the end of summer, does it?

  2. I just adore the way this is knitting up! The brighter skein really does add something! I’ll definitely be making one when you publish.

    I’m being guided by the good old British weather here and making sweaters in DK/Worsted weight but with at least 50% cotton. I’m hoping that these will be perfect for those cooler summer days and evenings. :-)

    1. Zara, I admit I was a bit nervous how they would merge but it actually looks very nice. And it doesn’t even show that sometimes I was alternation two, sometimes three skeins.

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