On a mission

I’m not crazy. At least not yet :-)

It’s just that my kids started fighting over who gets to wear Mom’s “huge-pompom hat”, so to save everyone a lot of crying I decided to make matching hats for them too.

Yes, I do realize that Wojtek and I both have red pompoms. He wanted it red, just like Mom’s. I did make him a green one, but he totally refused to wear it. So now I guess there’s only one thing I can do…

…there’s one more person in our family lacking such a cool hat and he said he’d definitely wear it :-)

My mods of these notes to fit kids:
Aga’s hat: CO 76 sts, increased to 80 after brim.
Wojtek’s Hat: CO 80 sts, increased to 88 after brim.

Happy knitting and Merry Christmas!

One thought on “On a mission”

  1. Gorgeous pictures (as always). Now if that was my boys they’d be arguing over who gets the red pompom! Hope Daddy gets his hat before a new pattern gets hold of you!!!

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