I can’t remember when I bought this yarn. It’s Kashmir by Wnuk, a Polish yarn company. I’m not even sure if they still make it. Anyway, I bough it in a very unattractive color of pale buttocks. ;-) In the photo it looks beige, but believe me, it’s not pretty. I knew I’d dye it one day.

So I did :-)

Then I made Monika Sirna’s “Nozky” for my little girl. After all it’s getting pretty chilly now.

I’m really happy with them. They are super cute, with a very interesting cable detail and Aga loves them too.

If only I had more time, I’d make such for me too…

6 thoughts on “Nozky”

  1. I bought this on-line yarn few years ago and when I unpacked it I had the same opinion on colour – not interesting at all, not a nice beige I expected. Naked buttocks is good name for it.
    Eventually I made a shawl from it and have about 1.5 skeins more (perhaps I’ll finally dye it, as planned, oh well).
    About producer and such – Company that was producing this yarn collapsed few years ago, soon after
    ‘kashmir” yarn became popular among knitters in Poland. Pity, because it’s really nice yarn, soft and efficient, sigh…
    I like the result of your dyeing – nice, variegated, interesting colour. And Nozky – look so sweet.

  2. ocieplacze niezbędne na tą porę roku, my śmigamy rano do przedszkola w When Left Foot Met Right Foot

    1. No ba, jak chce się w spódniczkach śmigac to są musem :-)
      Ja te swoje tez planuję małej zrobić z jakiejś innej włoczki niż Alaska.

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