March 4th

4 years ago, exactly around that time, I was giving birth to my son.

From the moment my doctor told me we would have a boy, we knew he’d be Wojtek – well, for a while we thought he’d be Agnieszka ;-) She was born two years later :-). He is intelligent, beautiful, caring and our dream come true.

This little guy is the reason why I started knitting. He was about 7 months old, I think, when I improvised an acrylic stripey vest. It was seamed, crooked and it made me realize I want to knit better. I made lots of baby knits, accessories and my hunger for knowledge seemed insatiable.

Now when I look at my previous work, I smile. I can see at all the wonky increass and decreases, my bad decisions (yep, not swatching it the worst of them!) and overthinking of the instructions, but I love every little piece that came off my needles. Most of my kids knits have been given a second life as they went to good homes – some were given to my knitting friends’ children, some to charity and some are still at home safely waiting for Agnieszka or her dolls.

Oopsie, I drifted off… I just wanted to say “Happy birthday, Żabko!”

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