Interview with Julie Asselin

She’s propably one of the nicest yarnies I’ve had opportinity to work with. Always smiling, funny and absolutely lovely, yes, that’s right, we will be interviewing Julie Asselin.

I met Julie some time ago on Ravelry and you can imagine how thrilled I was when she invited me to collaborate on a design (that was Mrs. Skyler). Since then I have gathered quite a nice amount of her yarn goodies in my stash and I can’t get enough of it. :-)

But enough with the introduction… here’s Julie!

Julie herself
Julie herself

Hello Julie, nice to talk to you again. What is your favourite base to dye?

Hum…that’s a tough one….I will have to say Leizu DK or Worsted. Great color outcomes but also easy to work with because of the way they absorb the dyes.

Where do you source your yarn? Do you have your own sheep/alpaca’s etc?

We are very careful about all the fiber sources, yarn mills, dyes and process we use, making conscious decision all along the creative line.

We source our fibres from ethical sources most of the time here in North America or in New Zealand. We solely work with mills here in Canada and US, making the process closest to home as possible.

Where can we buy your yarn from?

We have several retailers across Canada, US, Europe and Japan. We make it a point to work with shops offering the best customer service possible, we love our shop owners!

Also we sometimes do Etsy Update for whenever a new pattern comes out and we want to support it.

What is your best color, the one you like most or are proud of? Do you have a color you’d like to forget about?

Our best sellers of all times are ‘Birch’ and ‘Dapple Grey’. I have a soft spot for Blackberry Coulis recently. Our color process and palette have evolve quite a bit since the beginning and it did happen many times that I wanted to do complete do overs so as far as colors I would like to forget I would say it is more of a learning curve/evolution then regrets.

Birch colorway

If you could only knit with one colour, what would it be?

I am really into any kind of blue right now.

Dapple Grey
Dapple Grey colorway

What other yarns do you like to knit with?

As far as colors go I am a big fan of what my friend Tanis at Tanis Fiber Arts is doing; I also love the color story at Sweet Fiber Yarn a fellow Canadian as well. Ce at The Uncommon Thread has some lovely sought after yarns and colors. I also am very keen to anything small farm and single breed, I truly am a fiber lover and there is a world of discovery when it comes to wool and fibers of all kind.

Are there any crafts or hobbies you do (other than knitting of course ;-)?

Cooking and photography are a big part of me too. I am also an outdoorsy person, love walking, hiking and spending time outside in the garden.

Do you have any current or upcoming news you’d like to share with us.

We have a new yarn line out this fall called ‘Nurtured’. We partnered up with our friends at The Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont on this one.

Nurtured teaser
Nurtured teaser

This yarn is dyed in the wool, meaning we dyed the fibers prior to sending them to the mill resulting in a heathered finish. It was very fun to see the colors come together and our goal was to put forward the natural colors of the fleeces as well, so we played on natural occurring tints mixed in with our colors to create a very natural palette I would say.

What would your ideal day consist of?

Ideal days I don’t know but let me tell you about moments I love during my weeks.

I love waking up early and go for a walk with my dog.

Having breakfast with my husband having a good time. Our humor is similar and we are very imaginative so we love to make up stories and we often come up with the same ideas and this can get pretty crazy!

Also I love to have people over to share a meal, community is very important to us.

Julie in her studio

Do you dream about color dyes at night?

Of course! And about new yarn too!

How do you name your colour ways?

It can be all sorts of things really! I am not always the one to name them, Jean-Francois also finds a lot of them. Names finding is fun and I particularly love the ones that are more on the imaginary side. ‘Johnny’, one of blacks is name after the man in black himself Johnny Cash, ‘Blue Steel’ referring to a certain look in a certain movie! ;)

Do you have an anecdote to share? Something funny, nice, interesting?

Something funny, when I first started calling my supplier and asking when I would receive my yarns, I used to say: ” Could you please tell when it will arrive, so I can plan my dyeing days’’. It took me a while to realise what I was saying could sound funny; they never said anything. To this day I don’t know if they think I’m dying. ;)

What inspired the name of your brand? And Rav Id?

Well, this will sound very boring but I didn’t have an idea for a name when I first started this back in 2010 and I didn’t want to choose anything I would regret later, so I simply went with my name. Also because I really believe in what we do and I stand for it.

Julie Asselin lives in Quebec, Canada where she spends her time creating amazing colorways for the most exquisite yarns. Find her on Ravelry  or on her website

I hope you manage to “taste” some of her lovely yarn – it’s really worth it!

See you soon,
Zara & Justyna