I Heart Rios

It’s gloomy, rainy and both my kiddos are home with a cold. I can’t work much so the only mindless thing I can do is make hats my kids need so much.

I’ve been collecting odd lefties of Malabrigo Rios for a while now and I think it’s high time I used some. Maybe the colors are not very bright, but I’ll mix them with some other yarn goodies to get some nice cheerful hats.

First I made a beanie for Wojtek as he needs one more. I took my old freebie “Fasolka” and cast on for the smallest size to compensate for worsted gauge.

Also for the first time I decided to use knitted-in elastic in rib. It’s an elastic thin thread you work together with the yarn.

It’s transparent so it’s not really visible, but I guess a black one would have been even better (though I don’t know if you can get it in such a color). I made only a couple of rows with it just to check if it really makes a big difference – will let you know in a while how it behaves.

It knit up really fast – worsted gauge and stripes did the trick I must say. Eventually I ended up using colors: lettuce, azul profundo, paris night, solis and fresco y seco. The yellow bits are pirate’s treasure from Color Adventures Aran.

I didn’t plan the striping as I love when they are random. If you’d like to make random stripes and don’t feel very adventurous you can always use random stripes generator.

Now I just wish it would stop raining… In the meantime I’ll make a second one for Aga.

8 thoughts on “I Heart Rios”

    1. Dziękuję Aniu, tym bardziej, że słowa te pochodzą od osoby, która zwróciła moją uwagę właśnie kolorystycznym cudeńkiem (pamiętasz ten brązowo-niebieski kardyk z żakardem?)

  1. Beautiful! Look forward to seeing what you make for Aga! I too am feeling the pressure to get going on some accessories. :-)

  2. Widzę, że użyłas elastycznej nici :) I jak ci się podoba efekt?
    Jak zwykle super dobierasz kolory, mnie się paski podobają ale żeby samemu wymyślić co z czym połączyć to wyższa szkoła jazdy

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