Hello world!

Yay, I’m officially here :-)

Over-excited about the new website and blog. And yarn crazy :-)

You might ask me why now? Well, I don’t know. Maybe just because it’s holiday time in Poland and that means my site admin (yup, my Hubby) can help me manage the website and blog. The truth is that it was really high time. I’ve had a small Internet spot for a couple of years now, but it was my Polish blog talking about my family mostly. After some time it became flooded with yarn, yarn news, knitting and somehow “a family blog” became “a knitting blog”. During that time I tried to make it bilingual, but that was a big fail (with two small kids pulling you away from the keyboard when you’re trying to type something logical in both languages)!

Anyways, somehow I eventually decided to settle down and share my knitting passion with the whole world in here.

I hope you enjoy it!

hugs, Justyna

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