Fun in the snow

Yay, it’s still here! Though I admit I was worried last night when Marcin told me it was raining.
We put on our favorite knits and warm jackets, grabbed kids’ sled and went to our favorite forest for some winter fun.

We are wearing:
Marcin – Skrappy Ski Hat & Rama Lama,
Wojtek – Skrappy Ski Hat & Heartwarmer,
Aga – I Heart Cables I made for Wojtek 2 years ago (don’t you just love Cascade for its endurance),
me – Seikkailu Hat, Rasta Velvet Cowl and The Big Cable.

Hope you are also having a great time this weekend!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of pics, I had only my mobile with me.

2 thoughts on “Fun in the snow”

  1. It was raining? Czy raczej snowing?
    Jestem germanistką i w niemieckim jest takie rozróżnienie. Nie ma uniwersalnego “pada” jak w polskim. Podejrzewam, że w angielskim też, ale pewności nie mam.

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