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On the Brighton Pier

My number one spot for holiday is the seaside. I love to listen to the sound of the sea, feel the sand softly running between my toes, watch kids making sand castles with their dad and knit a little. Bliss…

Shortly after I finished my collaboration with Tanis Lavallee I had a small shopping spree during an update in her etsy store and I bought a skein of TFA Blue Label Fibgering Weight in a wonderful colorway called Lotus. I put it in my stash to wait patiently for inspiration that came a couple of months later. It came with a fabulous gig organized by Danielle Sunshine (the creative force standing behind “Lioness Arts”) and that is a Knitting, Yarn and Fiber Fastival called “Unwind Brighton”.

This festival will be a treat for any knittter! There will be lots of yarnies as well as many classes held by various talented designers like Ysolda Teague, Woolly Wormhead, Bristol Ivy, Ragga Eiriksdottir and many more! Just check out the site for details.

But why did I make a shawl? Well, Dani is organizing a couple of KALs in her Unwind Brighton group on Ravelry with designs created especially to celebrate the festival and “On the Pier” shawlette is one of them. There will be a category for each pattern, and prizes of course! You don’t have to be attending to join the fun!

Additionally, I’m offering this design  at a discount until the end of Unwind Brighton festival (14th July), then it will go back to its regular price ($5).

Pic credits belong to Marcin Duda

The touch of fresh breeze caressing your skin… the hardness of pebbles under your feet… the blue Garter sea and white lacy foam… the old wooden pier and you know you’re there… welcome to Brighton.
This lightweight shawlette has everything a perfect shawl should have: easy stitches creating a beautiful fabric, a little bit of lace that makes it girly and a very wearable shape.
Make it, wear it, not only when you’re in Brighton!

Happy knitting! xoxo

My First Mystery KAL

My obssession with these cables began when I started working on Sople Cardigan. The cardigan is still being tech edited but I can now show you the two other designs that made me “cable crazy” :-)

First “Fuego Hat” was created. I made it on the train and in a hotel room when I was visiting my knitting buddies in Wrocław. I admit I’m not a “yellow person” but I have a soft spot for candlewick. I keep collecting it in different Madelinetosh bases and the one you see in the pics in Erin Heritage Wool. Unfortunately this base is now discontinued and you can buy it mostly through destash. It’s a very warm, nicely spun wool and the wonderful dye job just makes it more attractive.

I knew I couldn’t show the hat until January as it’s closely connected with the cardigan design I’ve been working on since September. In the meantime I published other designs and this one was waiting all the time. Then it occured to me that the construction of the cables would be just perfect for a Mystery Knit-A-Long. Of course, I got huge jitters as I knew how difficult such KALs are, but I must say last three weeks have been an amazing adventure. I could observe how the patterning emerged in so many different colors, feel the anticipation (and expectations) of other knitters. I tell you… wow!

Today (actually last night as I sent the last clue at about 2am) the MKAL is heading to an end and I can present you my very own “Fuego Hat”.

All these photos were taken on different days last year, but this year the hat is on my head very often too. What’s more, now it even has a matching cowl!

Very often my fabulous testers propose various designs which they’d like me to create and this one was no different. I admit that I’d propably wouldn’t even think of making the cowl if it wasn’t for them (thank you girls!). I found two skeins of Erin in color worn denim on destash and two days after receiving the yarn this neckwarmer came to life. It reminds me a lot of my “Dripstones Cowl” which is really great as after over two years of using the latter, I’m sure that such a shape is the best for looking awesome and actually staying warm. It lies nicely on your shoulders, under or on the jacket, and touches your chin making sure no wind gets near your neck. Love it!

 I created a small ebook for both designs called “Light My Fire” (yep, I love Jimmy!). Right now it contains only the hat, but Fuego Cowl is being tested at the moment and I hope to add it to the collection around January 22nd. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching various “Fuegos” pop up in the MKAL threads. It should be very exciting now and the prizes will be awarded very soon!

See you soon!

30 Days of Indy

Throughout the month of November In The Loop has been running a special promotion during which each day you are able to purchase for half a price a pattern from a wonderful independent designer. Today I’m also participating in 30 Days of Indy with “The Vampyre”. So only on Nov 28th you receive a 50% discount with code: 30dayproject. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or through Etsy, but in both cases the code needs to be entered at the checkout.
Happy knitting and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!