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Spinning, pirates and kids

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought an update on what’s happening might be a good thing to do. Today I’m actually resting after a visit at my daughter’s kindergarten. I was invited by her teachers to talk a little about knitting, spinning and that sweaters don’t necessarily have to come from a shop.


My visit wasn’t very long as obviously such kids get bored very fast so I showed them some things that can be knitted or crocheted (together with gorgeous toys made for my kids by Gosia), we spun a little bit of woolly yarn and wove a small blanket. The kids looked really interested and I bet it must have been pretty awesome for them to see a real spinning wheel (that most of them probably know just from Sleeping Beauty).

I wrote that on Thursday then life happened :-) Continued today…

Yes… I started spinning! I’ve wanted to have a spinning wheel for a while now but every time I said something to my husband he was like “not-enough-space-too-much-yarn-blah-blah-blah”. ;-) Until we went to Yarndale and he got to see lots of spinning wheels to realize that they are not actually that big and eventually he got me a gorgeous Ashford Traveller.

(Yarndale and Swiss Wulle Festival deserve a separate post soon!)

My wheel came in the post shortly after the festival, Marcin waxed it and put it together and I got down to work as fast as I could. Starting with pretty ugly and bulky “so-called-handspun”, I tried to practise very often (considering I need to knit too) and even attended spinning workshops with a very talented Polish yarnie/spinner – Justyna from YarnandArt. I learned how to control my feet and hands properly, how to use a blending board and came out filled with lots of passion.

My first proper handspun was a pomgranade blend of merino and Zwartbles purchased from John Arbon Textiles, which became a new Sand Bank for my son.

Then I made a crazy colorful yarn for my daughter. It’s so crazy mostly because I was still trying to learn how to make proper fractal and the result is… well, see it for yourself :-) I got it caked and need to make a new hat for Agnieszka, most likely a Wurm.

Then I finally spun something really pretty, I guess ;-) This time I divided the top properly to get a perfect fractal spin. The colors (dyed by Justyna again) blend so nicely in this one! The yarn itself is still not perfect (I sure hope I’m getting there soon), but I think it is good enough to go to a lovely home. This one will not stay in my stash but is destined as a prize in the upcoming mystery KAL.


I got about 280 meters (per 100g) of 100% Corriedale. Cozy, woolly and purple :-) Perfect for a pair of mittens or a hat. blog3

The last time I held a mystery KAL was about 2 years ago. It was Fuego Hat and we had lots of fun while knitting it. At the beginning of this year some of my friends asked me if I’d have another mystery KAL, but I wasn’t really sure. I realized that some things just need to evolve on their own and not be pushed too much to become something nice and knitworthy, and that was the case here. Whenever I sat down to make a “mystery design” my mind went blank. I had some ideas but all of them seemed so… boring. Until Emily (from Rainbow Heirloom) and I decided to make a shawl. A colorful, wearable and really nice shawl. A perfect Mystery Shawl!


The KAL begins on Monday. I can’t wait!

We are planning to send out clues in three languages: English, Polish (thanks to lovely Hania) and French (thanks to fabulous Marion) so I hope you can make it! There will be some cool prizes too and among them you can find my purple handspun :-) Additionally, till 23rd the pattern is at a discounted price so if you feel like having fun check for more info here!

See you on Monday then.
(Next time I hope to write a recap of my journeys to the knitting world with a really nice giveaway too so stay tuned!)

Winning prizes is so much fun!

Have you thought about joining us in Aiflow Non-Mystery Kal? It will be so much fun! Well, I hope so :-) Clue 1 is going to be released today so the real knitting is about to begin very soon, but before I click “update”, I’d love to present to you our great prize donors.

Elena Nodel aka Anadiomena

Elena, who is my dear friend, can be called a Renaissance woman. She designs fantastic knitwear for children (not only for girls!) and adults. But that is not all, some time ago she started dyeing her own yarn, thus creating Colour Adventures brand. Her yarns are truly amazing and the color options she offers seem to be endless. Please check out her Etsy store.

The wonderful color of Airflow has been created by Elena herself (colorway Rust). If you would like to make the cardigan with yarn dyed by Elena, feel free to use the 15%-off coupon code which you will find in your libraries. The code can be used in her Etsy store once and it expires on 16th July.

One of the winners of Airflow Non-Mystery KAL will receive a skein of Colour Adventures yarn generously donated by Elena Nodel Anadiomena – the winner gets to pick the base and color.

Red Riding Hood Yarns


Hannah Gordon, who is better known as Little Miss Red, is also offering a yarn prize during Airflow Non-Mystery Kal. She started knitting 4 years ago when her second son was a baby and once she started she couldn’t stop! Her love and passion for all things yarn was born and naturally led to dyeing her own yarn, then onto dyeing for friends, and in no time Red Riding Hood Yarns was born! Check out her FB page or website for stockings or yarn clubs.

Isabell Kraemer aka Lilalu


Isa’s designs are very popular among knitters. They are simple, casual, versatile and so enjoyable to make. Isabell, aka Lilalu, is also generously offering her patterns as a prize in the Kal. Please do visit her designer page to admire her work. I bet you will not be able to stop queueing all of them :-)

Monika Sirma aka mdcim


Monika Sirma, who has been my friend since the first dress I made for my daughter (designed by Monika of course), is also generously donating her patterns. She loves simple lines, sleek and modern designs with a small twist to make them unique. She believes each piece should show itself, that it was worth to create it, something special to look at, to be a heritage piece maybe. She loves perfection in every detail and she hopes her patterns illuminate that as well, making the process as enjoyable as possible. I can only recommend visiting her designer page!

Georgie Hallam aka tiKKi


I did make a couple of designs by tiKKi for my kids and they were a pure pleasure to work with, but that does not mean Georgie designs only for kids. Take a look at her website to see all the beautiful sweaters, vests and accessories for everyone! She loves simple clean lines, seamless knits, bold colours, beautiful yarn and the quick thrill of creating kids knits.

Jenn Emerson


New to the designing world, but full of fresh ideas, Jenn Emerson is also one of our prize donors. Her designs are colorful, beautiful and easy to make. Check out Jenn’s designer page to admire her work!

Lady in Yarn

LadyInYarn-logoEla, just like me, designs from Poland. I must say I’m really impressed with her Brioche stitch creations and each piece she makes is a true piece of art. Do visit her designer page! One of these designs may be gifted to you as a prize!

Fastenation Studio

Buttons! Who doesn’t love buttons? Well, I sure do. I love when they can be custom-made to match the yarn, stitch pattern or the knitter’s imagination. And this is what Hannah does. She created buttons especially for my son’s Carabe Kid and now she can make them for you. Do visit her Etsy store to see what prize I’m talking about :-)

Magic Loop


Magic Loop is a LYS located in Warsaw and run by two yarn aficionados, Aga and Tomek. They offer a wide range of  Malabrigo, Holst and most importantly,  lovely Filcolana. They will be offering Eucalan to the prize winners to make sure your knits get proper care :-) Do visit their store to check the fabulous offer of yarn!


So?  What do you think? I must say I’d love to participate myself to receive at least one of these prizes :-) And I’m so grateful for such generous friends!

What about a prize from me? I will offer prizes too, don’t worry! It might just take a little bit of time till I show you what exactly I have planned for you (apart from patterns, of course!) so let’s consider this a surprize :-)

Happy knitting everyone!

Airflow Non-Mystery KAL

I don’t know about you but I get distracted very easily when working all the time in Stockinette stitch. At the same time I really love Stockinette stitch designs. They are like blank canvas allowing you to create anything your imagination wants you to and at the same time they look both so elegant and casual. When I cast on for Rusty I wanted a really simple Stockinette stitch cardigan that would go well with actually everything in my closet. Here’s Airflow…

The sweater is light, airy, perfect for the chilly summer we are having at the moment. Additionally, the design should work really well with solids as well as tonal or even variegated yarns. But that’s not all… Initially this design is available as a Non-Mystery Knit-A-Long. What does that mean? “Non-mystery” means you know what you will be making (it should be easier for you to customize if you wish to), but the instructions will be chopped into 5 clues. That should give you more motivation to finish a sweater – small goals that can really be accomplished.

swetyr w bronzie (4)

Do you need a lightweight summer cardigan?
Do you need a cardigan that goes well with a dress and jeans?
Are you easily distracted when working in Stockinette all the time and need motivation?
Do you like knitting in company?
Would you like to try making your first contiguous sweater?
If so, this KAL is for you!

Please join us during Airflow Non-Mystery KAL in Lete’s Knits group!

The Non-Mystery KAL will begin on June 23rd. On that day you will receive the first clue.
The instructions are divided into 5 short clues which will be sent to you on the following days:
Clue 1 – 23rd June
Clue 2 – 30th June
Clue 3 – 9th July
Clue 4 – 19th July
Clue 5 – 31st July
On Aug 10th the pattern will be updated once more – this time all clues will be replaced with one complete file and the KAL will officially end.

The design is available at a discount until the end of June. On July 1st it will be available at a regular price – $6.25.

Do join us! There will be lots of really nice prizes!

Pics by Marcin Duda.