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Spinning, pirates and kids

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought an update on what’s happening might be a good thing to do. Today I’m actually resting after a visit at my daughter’s kindergarten. I was invited by her teachers to talk a little about knitting, spinning and that sweaters don’t necessarily have to come from a shop.


My visit wasn’t very long as obviously such kids get bored very fast so I showed them some things that can be knitted or crocheted (together with gorgeous toys made for my kids by Gosia), we spun a little bit of woolly yarn and wove a small blanket. The kids looked really interested and I bet it must have been pretty awesome for them to see a real spinning wheel (that most of them probably know just from Sleeping Beauty).

I wrote that on Thursday then life happened :-) Continued today…

Yes… I started spinning! I’ve wanted to have a spinning wheel for a while now but every time I said something to my husband he was like “not-enough-space-too-much-yarn-blah-blah-blah”. ;-) Until we went to Yarndale and he got to see lots of spinning wheels to realize that they are not actually that big and eventually he got me a gorgeous Ashford Traveller.

(Yarndale and Swiss Wulle Festival deserve a separate post soon!)

My wheel came in the post shortly after the festival, Marcin waxed it and put it together and I got down to work as fast as I could. Starting with pretty ugly and bulky “so-called-handspun”, I tried to practise very often (considering I need to knit too) and even attended spinning workshops with a very talented Polish yarnie/spinner – Justyna from YarnandArt. I learned how to control my feet and hands properly, how to use a blending board and came out filled with lots of passion.

My first proper handspun was a pomgranade blend of merino and Zwartbles purchased from John Arbon Textiles, which became a new Sand Bank for my son.

Then I made a crazy colorful yarn for my daughter. It’s so crazy mostly because I was still trying to learn how to make proper fractal and the result is… well, see it for yourself :-) I got it caked and need to make a new hat for Agnieszka, most likely a Wurm.

Then I finally spun something really pretty, I guess ;-) This time I divided the top properly to get a perfect fractal spin. The colors (dyed by Justyna again) blend so nicely in this one! The yarn itself is still not perfect (I sure hope I’m getting there soon), but I think it is good enough to go to a lovely home. This one will not stay in my stash but is destined as a prize in the upcoming mystery KAL.


I got about 280 meters (per 100g) of 100% Corriedale. Cozy, woolly and purple :-) Perfect for a pair of mittens or a hat. blog3

The last time I held a mystery KAL was about 2 years ago. It was Fuego Hat and we had lots of fun while knitting it. At the beginning of this year some of my friends asked me if I’d have another mystery KAL, but I wasn’t really sure. I realized that some things just need to evolve on their own and not be pushed too much to become something nice and knitworthy, and that was the case here. Whenever I sat down to make a “mystery design” my mind went blank. I had some ideas but all of them seemed so… boring. Until Emily (from Rainbow Heirloom) and I decided to make a shawl. A colorful, wearable and really nice shawl. A perfect Mystery Shawl!


The KAL begins on Monday. I can’t wait!

We are planning to send out clues in three languages: English, Polish (thanks to lovely Hania) and French (thanks to fabulous Marion) so I hope you can make it! There will be some cool prizes too and among them you can find my purple handspun :-) Additionally, till 23rd the pattern is at a discounted price so if you feel like having fun check for more info here!

See you on Monday then.
(Next time I hope to write a recap of my journeys to the knitting world with a really nice giveaway too so stay tuned!)


It’s been two weeks since we came back from Brighton, but I guess I’m still suffering from Unwind Brighton hangover. I miss it so much!


We went to Brighton on Thursday before the festival. Kids stayed with their grandparents and we could finally take our first trip alone (since we had kids). The whole journey was on time and we safely got to our B&B. It was located very close to the sea shore and all festival venues were within walking distance. Brighton turned out to be fabulous. I could live there so much.

All four days were planned to the last minute. I tried to meet as many people as possible but I’m pretty sure I misseed saying hello to some knitters. The venue was fabulous. So many talented people in one place! It was almost magical. And so much yarn!!! Every time I went around the market place (“just to look around” as I said to my Hubby) I came back with some gorgeous skeins in my hands. Well, that weekend my stash got enhanced substantially :-)


When I was taking clasess with Ragga, Marcin maganed to snap a few pics of knitters proudly wearing “On the Pier”. I was so touched when he showed me the photos.




We also managed to meet up with a couple of our Polish friends living in the UK, which was so much fun!



There are a lot more pics which you can find in my Instagram feed and Polish blog, but I bet what you are really dying to see my yarn haul…

It was so difficult not to spend all my money on yarn. I bought a lot of single skeins from various yarnies to “try” as many as possible. I forsee a lot of accessories this winter :-) However, that beige/brown silk blend is going to be a sweater for sure. Marcin also gifted me my very first Signatures, which at the moment are still waiting for a worthy project (which will be happening soon, I hope).

I admire Dani (who organized the festival together with a couple of her friends) so much. It must have been so much work! And I hope she will organize it again. I’ll be coming for sure!

Really nice

Yesterday was really nice. Altough I do feel at least 3 pounds bigger after all the food we ate at an Easter table, I’m also really happy we got to spend such a nice time together. At the beginning of this month Marcin changed his job and resigned from teaching, so the obvious perk of lots of vacations has dissapeared. Now it really is just me, kids, knitting, cleaning for most of the day, so we try to do our best we we are together.

Hope you are also having a wonderful time <3