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Crochet Shawl

I can’t remember what I learned first. Was it to crochet or to knit? Maybe both at the same time? Still whichever it was I’m not as good at crocheting as at knitting. I can only make simple crochet stitches that allow me to make really simple things. I’ve made a huge blanket for my family, I’ve crocheted some summer beanies for my daughter and I’ve also played a little with freeform appliques. A couple of days ago I realized that when I think of crochet, it always means relaxation to me. I guess it’s beacuse whenever I make something with this technique, I always do it for fun and not for work.
The shawl you see in the photos was made for my mother-in-law. She helps me a lot, not only with kids, but she also plays a big part in my designing process. She is the person who cakes yarn for me (I truly hate doing that),  advises and most importantly makes sure I can knit. On top of that she really loves when I make something for her. :-)

I had lots of DROPS Delight leftovers in my stash and I used almost all of them. I tried to stick to four colors: purple, green, blue and orange, all in various shades. I must say that despite the fact that I’m not a fan of purple I love the final result. I think it is perfect for a lady in her 60s: colorful, not too cheerful. I hope she likes it :-)

Pattern: Half Granny Square Shawl
Yarn: Drops Delight (1.5 skein altogether)
Hook: 4 mm

Have a fabulous week!