Awesome FOs: Criollo by Addiesma

There’s nothing nicer than seeing how one of your ideas is molded in the hands of another knitter. It is truly inspirational and makes you realize that “a design” is just a starting point for everyone’s imagination.

Sara Gresbach, aka Addiesma, has used one of my absolutely favorite colorways, bloomsbury, and knit a wonderful version of “Criollo”. Her cardigan is so delicate, feminine and beautiful, just like Sara :-)

Sara did make some modifications to the design and I must say they are wonderful. She says: “I really love the original design, I just didn’t have it in me at the end of the day when I finally sat down to work on it. It just needed to be a little more simple and go a little faster. The mock cable was the perfect mod for me and my knitting “personality.” And this is exactly what I can see in the photos. A “Criollo” with a pinch of Sara’s soul.


Pattern: Criollo
Knitter: Addiesma, here’s Sara’s project page
Yarn: Madelinetosh TOSH Sock

(P.S. Not sure if you know, but Sara is a talented designer as well! Check out her site)

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  1. Two of my favorite designers crossing paths! I’m always intrigued how the internet has made the knitting community simultaneously global and intimate. Sara’s FO is beautiful – a perfect spring sweater to pamper herself after a looonnnngggggg winter!

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