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I don’t know about you but I get distracted very easily when working all the time in Stockinette stitch. At the same time I really love Stockinette stitch designs. They are like blank canvas allowing you to create anything your imagination wants you to and at the same time they look both so elegant and casual. When I cast on for Rusty I wanted a really simple Stockinette stitch cardigan that would go well with actually everything in my closet. Here’s Airflow…

The sweater is light, airy, perfect for the chilly summer we are having at the moment. Additionally, the design should work really well with solids as well as tonal or even variegated yarns. But that’s not all… Initially this design is available as a Non-Mystery Knit-A-Long. What does that mean? “Non-mystery” means you know what you will be making (it should be easier for you to customize if you wish to), but the instructions will be chopped into 5 clues. That should give you more motivation to finish a sweater – small goals that can really be accomplished.

swetyr w bronzie (4)

Do you need a lightweight summer cardigan?
Do you need a cardigan that goes well with a dress and jeans?
Are you easily distracted when working in Stockinette all the time and need motivation?
Do you like knitting in company?
Would you like to try making your first contiguous sweater?
If so, this KAL is for you!

Please join us during Airflow Non-Mystery KAL in Lete’s Knits group!

The Non-Mystery KAL will begin on June 23rd. On that day you will receive the first clue.
The instructions are divided into 5 short clues which will be sent to you on the following days:
Clue 1 – 23rd June
Clue 2 – 30th June
Clue 3 – 9th July
Clue 4 – 19th July
Clue 5 – 31st July
On Aug 10th the pattern will be updated once more – this time all clues will be replaced with one complete file and the KAL will officially end.

The design is available at a discount until the end of June. On July 1st it will be available at a regular price – $6.25.

Do join us! There will be lots of really nice prizes!

Pics by Marcin Duda.

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  1. This is the perfect cardigan for me to make right now – how do I get the past clues to I can catch up?

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