Ah well…

This week Wojtek needs to stay home again. I knew he would be catching various bugs pretty often, but I never imagined it would be THAT often. I don’t mind him staying home but the thing is that I can see he misses kindergarten. Ah well…

He helps me in my work though :-)

He just loves taking part in all the photoshoots and if he can actually do something that is so much fun for him. So yesterday we wanted to try out a new gift from my hubby – a reflector. It’s super cool as it contains 7 types of surfaces. We tried only two – a silver one and a white one to shoot some yarn that I’m going to CO in the next few days.

I just can’t wait to start working with both of them. They have an amazing color and both are so soft. I will keep you posted about my progress for sure!

In the meantime, Carabe went to testing. I must say this cardigan is going to be my number 1 this winter. The softness of this yarn (Malabrigo Rios) is almost indecent.

And finally a small update on my Grettir. Making a bottom-up sweater is something I really avoid doing like hell, but I just love that first I’m done with the dreaded sleeves (yay to that!) and Jared saved the best (fair-isle) for last. ATM my sleeves are ready and last night I CO for body.

How are you doing this week?