Garter, Babushkas and Mad Max

Seems at the moment my blog should change its name from Lete’s Knits to Lete Travels ;-) Yes, yet again I’ll be talking about a festival – this time in Berlin.

We loved this trip a lot and I’m saying we as this time I was accompanied by my Hubby. I’m so grateful he was with me as thanks to him (and my car ;-) we could easily move around Berlin.

And I could focus on more important things :-)

I always have a big problem with what I should take with me in my WIP bag when I travel. In Edinburgh I learned a very important lesson. I took two WIPs with me back then, the first one were just sleeves, easy peasy but ehm I forgot they were attached to a sweater and that involved carrying a fairly BIG bag; the second was a cardi, a dark green one… well I sort of had to rip a little when I came back home. Dark yarn and pub knitting are not the best combination ;-)

So this time I took yarn for shawl designs that I’m asked to make – mostly in Garter stitch, and that means only knits! Clever huh? And no, I didn’t need to rip anything after coming back home :-)

In case you are wondering what the yarn in the first photo is going to be…yes, a triangular Masgot :-)

But the festival… It was so lovely to see all my friends and introduce my husband to many of them.

We tried to document all the people we met but I bet there are still some fabulous knittters missing in the pics.


With Dieuwke and Fides <3
Big thank you to Mia for taking me to button heaven (or hell if you have problems choosing only one thing in the sea of choices like me) :*
All of us petite girls ;-) With Rililie and Isabell (aka lilalu)

The trip to Berlin was also a treat to us as a couple as we could spend some time alone without worrying about our kids or curfew. On Saturday we had a really nice dinner with Victoria and David (the lovely crew of Eden Cottage Yarns): no rushing, just chatting, good food and… a little bit of rain on our way back to the flat which made us look in our shawls like Babushkas :-)

On Sunday evening we went to see Mad Max. I’m not a huge fan of this series of movies but I must admit it was one of the coolest action films I’ve seen in years (and it’s not only because I was focusing on the plot instead of knitting ;-).

The festival also introduced a new shawl design to my store. It’s called Silke and was created in collaboration with Cathrin from WalkCollection.

Silke is a traditional hap shawl, which means its construction is slightly different from other trangular shawls. First you work the Garter middle and then, once you pick up the stitches along its edges, you work the lace part. It uses only one skein of WalkCollection BFL Silky or any other fingering weight (400m).

It’s light, airy and will be reminding me of my German trip for sure :-)