What the Heart Wants

I started working on this collection in spring. First my needles got occupied with lace. Wonderful leafy lace that was going to ornament my back. All the leaves made in a silky blend by Malabrigo caressed my fingers and I was deeply sad I had to wait for the rest of the designs (and for the photoshoot) to actually wear the pullover. Silky Merino is such a wonderful yarn! So soft and light, with fabulous stitch definition. It’s true what others say about its delicate nature and tendency to pill but I don’t really care – this sweater is so gorgeous to wear that it deserves a lot of extra care to keep it in a nice shape.

Then I cast on for the sock weight shawl. A shawl that would combine my two loves: an old one – green and a new one -purple. It took me a long time to make it, but I was really relaxed about it and didn’t hurry. It was created somewhere between all the other design and is far from its initial sketch (does that often happen to you that your FO gets its own life and totally ignores the design plan?). I haven’t made a multicolored shawls before, but it’s over! Making them is so much fun and if you have a lot of single skeins they allow you to be really creative.

Shortly before going to Unwind Brighton I made the pink Rios sweater… and frogged it completely. My family was shocked when they saw me sitting on the floor in the middle of pink “noodles”. Oh well… I bet it happens to everyone. But I was not sad as I knew V2 would be a lot better. And it is!

The last design travelled with me to Brighton. Whenever we sat down in a pub, in the marketplace or during the football match I knitted the dark red cardi. Back then it looked like an incomplete raglan – just the back and the sleeves – and the remaining fronts were made after coming back home. I’m so happy with this cardi as it filled the gap in my closet perfectly. There are so many open-front draped cardigans out there but whenever I planned to make one I just got frustrated with the neverending rows. No such thing in here as the fronts are knitted sideways! Fast, easy and so much fun. Now I think I need a similar one with cables instead of lace :-)

Lete wrzesień 3 (7)

All these designs were put in a small ebook called “What the Heart Wants” and I made them for Malabrigo as a part of their Freelance Pattern Project they issue every month. We got really excited with this one and created a small site for the collection and a look book. Hope you enjoy flicking through it :-)

Ahh, btw, there will be a KAL with all the designs from the collection in my Ravelry group! More details in a day or two!

Happy knitting,

Busy Bee

So it’s almost Fall. The summer went by so fast… I tried to divide my time bewteen family and work but I’m still really bad at finding a perfect balance between both. Apart from spending some quality time with my hubby and kids I was working like crazy on a really cool release scheduled in the next few weeks. I must say I’m pretty excited about this one and I can’t wait to share more about it with you…

In the meatime the publication is becoming more and more real to me, with test knits soon to be finished, final edits of the instructions and, of course, the photoshoot.


Apart from that I’m also in working on a few sweet collaborations with really fantastic yarnies – Mel and Julie. The first design is for Mel from Mellifera Yarn and it is actually ready and just waiting for the test knit to begin. It’s a very simple cardigan that I was completely lacking in my closet (actually you can see it in the pic :-). I made it in Mellifera Yarn Cash DK – so soft and lovely to wear! This gray shade is called Smoke and it’s really subtle and pretty. Just perfect :-)

The second sweater I’m making is also gray :-) It was not intentional, though. The design for Julie Asselin is worked in fabulous Leizu Worsted in coloroway called Birch. Oh my! That yarn looks so awesome! It has a really great stitch definition and a gorgeous sheen (that must be the silk content). I think it’s not available yet but do try it when Julie puts it in the store!

So seems like the next few weeks are going to be pretty exciting.

I hope :-)