It’s been two weeks since we came back from Brighton, but I guess I’m still suffering from Unwind Brighton hangover. I miss it so much!


We went to Brighton on Thursday before the festival. Kids stayed with their grandparents and we could finally take our first trip alone (since we had kids). The whole journey was on time and we safely got to our B&B. It was located very close to the sea shore and all festival venues were within walking distance. Brighton turned out to be fabulous. I could live there so much.

All four days were planned to the last minute. I tried to meet as many people as possible but I’m pretty sure I misseed saying hello to some knitters. The venue was fabulous. So many talented people in one place! It was almost magical. And so much yarn!!! Every time I went around the market place (“just to look around” as I said to my Hubby) I came back with some gorgeous skeins in my hands. Well, that weekend my stash got enhanced substantially :-)


When I was taking clasess with Ragga, Marcin maganed to snap a few pics of knitters proudly wearing “On the Pier”. I was so touched when he showed me the photos.




We also managed to meet up with a couple of our Polish friends living in the UK, which was so much fun!



There are a lot more pics which you can find in my Instagram feed and Polish blog, but I bet what you are really dying to see my yarn haul…

It was so difficult not to spend all my money on yarn. I bought a lot of single skeins from various yarnies to “try” as many as possible. I forsee a lot of accessories this winter :-) However, that beige/brown silk blend is going to be a sweater for sure. Marcin also gifted me my very first Signatures, which at the moment are still waiting for a worthy project (which will be happening soon, I hope).

I admire Dani (who organized the festival together with a couple of her friends) so much. It must have been so much work! And I hope she will organize it again. I’ll be coming for sure!

Unwind Brighton

This weekend is going to be so exciting as we are leaving our kids with grandparents and heading to Brighton. This will actually be our first trip alone, which makes it even more special. All our trips have always been with kids, focus on kids and filled with kids’ noise so it will be a real treat for both of us :-) (oh I must sound like a really bad mom getting excited at the thought of no noise generated by my little ones :-)


So we are leaving on Thursday and if all goes well (please let there be no delays!) we should be taking a walk along Madeira Drive in the evening. Next three days will be all about meeting knitting buddies I know just from Ravelry or blogs and, which is really nice, we will also get to meet with my good old friend from university. The last time I saw him was about 7 years ago in a pub in Torun, and me and my husband-to-be were at the beginning of our relationship. How cool is that? At the weekend I’ll be also taking part in two classes with Ragga Eiriksdottir. I’m really interested in Icelandic Knitting and since I made Grettir, I’ve wanted to experience the real Lopapayesa. This is going to be so much fun!

I’ll be visiting the Market Place many times for sure! I just can’t wait to see all those beautiful yarns, meet fabulous dyers, say hi to fellow knitters. I’m also taking a sample of “On The Pier” with me. The shawl was made to celebrate Unwind Brighton and it will be on display at Julie Asselin‘s stand. I’m positive that Julie will be offering both yarn and the pattern to make your own version of the shawl, so do pop in her booth to check out her yarn!

Sample made by Julie in fabulous Julie Asselin Nanos (c) Julie Asselin

What is more, today “A Playful Day” is having giveaway on her blog with the design. She has 3 copies of the pattern that will be gifted to lucky winners so do check out her blog and leave a comment to join in the fun!

See you in Brighton!