The folder for this sweater on my compter is still called “Forest cardigan”. It must be thanks to the combination of this shade of green and the stitch pattern which reminds me of conifers. So how come it’s called Yakushima? The same reason. Yakushima is a Japanese island almost completely covered with trees, just like this cardigan with the lovely texture. Actually the name of this stitch pattern has nothing to do with trees – it’s  Little Tent Pattern – but when I realized the name of the colorway I used is Tent, I knew this design was meant to be :-)


I made the sweater using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter which, in my opinion, is just perfect for unique textured fabric (and cables :-). I love how the slipped stitches stand out from the Garter columns. And I love the tweedy specs of yellow on the green background.


This cardigan is something new for me. I love fitted garments, nice waist shaping and a lovely scoop neck, but this time I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make my own version of so-called “grandpa’s cardigan”, with a relaxed fit, very minimal waist shaping (which you can easily adjust, of course, if you wish to) and pockets. I love the final result. The sweater is very comfortable and matches my everyday outfits a lot. More, it even matches my khaki dress which I bought two years ago at a clearance and haven’t worn since. Until now :-)


Finally this cardigan brought a pretty awesome person into my life. When Marcin (nope not my Hubby, though he’s pretty awesome too :-) agreed to take pics of my designs I was over the moon. I admire his work so much – the atmosphere, the colors and his “eye” were something that I found irresistable. After the photoshoot it turned out that photography is his passion and life and he’s truly talented. You might think that if someone takes wedding pics he would not understand what “knitting” is all about? So wrong! When Marcin sent me the pics of my designs my jaw dropped. Literally. This man knows what he’s doing and he loves it.


Yakushima is available on Ravelry and through Lete’s Knits website.
Happy knitting!xoxo, Justyna

Last week

Last week was very busy. Yet again my kids got an ear infection and that meant a lot of getting up in the night to ease their pain. They are feeling much better now and being naughty again :-) I decided to check Wojtek’s hearing after all the sicknesses this winter and at the end of March we will be doing an audiogram. Hope the results are good.

In the meantime we had a small birthday celebration with my family. We don’t see each other very often so it was a real treat for the kids with all the games and running they could do together.

Agnieszka with her cousin, my niece.
Agnieszka with her cousin, my niece.
Yep, 4 years!
Aga with grandpa, my dad.

We had an amazing day and Wojtek was so happy getting the presents he’d been dreaming about for a while now. I’m so happy seeing my son’s passions develop – I know how important it is to have hobbies and something you love with all your heart (not necessarily knitting :-). He’s crazy about building robots, cars, houses, and I love watching him concentrate.

Then, when he’s busy, I can also knit a little :-)

Have a fab week everyone!
hugs, Justyna


Drops of dew on the leaves, the first flowers peeping through the ground and spring showers caressing your skin, all of these things make me realize it’s spring.
Fresh, new and long awaited.
It comes with rain that quickly evaporates to welcome summer.

 When Dani from Lioness Arts gifted me a skein of her fabulous BFL Sock in colorway orienteering (one of the best greens ever!) I knew it would become a light and airy shawlette. I’ve designed so many hats last winter that working on an accessory for spring was pure pleasure. The fabulous shade of green almost fooled my mind as I was waiting that any moment I’d smell freshly cut grass and hear lawnmowers. The lace stitch that’d stuck in my mind for a couple of months made my needles click at a supersonic speed and even the fact that I had to redo the ruffle three times didn’t push me away from binding off as soon as possible. I’m so happy with this small shawlette. It’s just perfect.

I’m also truly excited about the photos. This time my Hubby and I asked someone else to join Lete’s Knits photoshoot. I’d love to share with you more about our talented photographer, Marcin Duda, when I show you my next design. I can just say now that I couldn’t be more happier with our work!

There is one more nice thing connected with this design – about an hour ago I just clicked “Send Newsletter” for the first time :-) I don’t like when my inbox gets filled with spam so I decided to send it only once a month. Generally, it will contain the latest news, some sneak peeks of new designs and most importantly subscribers-only discounts. The newsletter with this shawlette has already been sent but if you’d like to purchase it 20% off you can use Malabrigo Madness codes (MalMar2014 or MalMar2the 2nd one applies just to the shawlette and it’s for everyone who’d already used the previous code). The codes expire on March 15th, but they can be used on Ravelry or Lete’s Knits website (just paste them to cart to redeem the discount).

Happy knitting everyone!