30 Days of Indy

Throughout the month of November In The Loop has been running a special promotion during which each day you are able to purchase for half a price a pattern from a wonderful independent designer. Today I’m also participating in 30 Days of Indy with “The Vampyre”. So only on Nov 28th you receive a 50% discount with code: 30dayproject. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or through Etsy, but in both cases the code needs to be entered at the checkout.
Happy knitting and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

November light

Have you also noticed how hard it is to take nice pictures in November light? Well, it’s definitelly hard for me, mostly logistically. When I see the smallest beams of sunshine, I’m generally alone with kids. Taking modelled pics of my knitwear designs is a big problem then. You can imagine a tripod, two little ones and me in a fancy cardigan running after them :-) Hilarious.

Yesterday we tried to take some pics of my new cardigan design. Immediately when a little bit of sunshine appeared we jumped into the car with all our photo gear to take some shots. It was terribly windy and the light was still not fantastic, so I’ll probably retake them. Here’s a small sneak peek :-)

The design is already in testing so it should go live pretty soon.

In the meantime I also made two hats and an infinity loop. The first one was made in beautiful Madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool in my favorite shade of yellow from that dyer – candlewick. If you’re wondering what kind of a hat I have for you, think cables, think slouchy, think pompom. The hat came our so warm and cozy – it will be perfect for upcoming winter.

However, since there is still no snow in here I’m trying to keep myself warm with Rastita. Oh man, have you ever touched that yarn? It’s like the softest down you can imagine. I cast on for this design when I was working on Malabrigo Quickies. It was this or Rama Lama that was going to be published as a part of the Malabrigo project. I’m so happy I’ve finally finished it. I’ll share more with you about that design very soon!

Some projects have finished and some are just about to start… I just need to pick the best yarn. The decision is tough: my heart says gray and my brain says red. Need to decide fast as this collaboration is supposed to go live very soon too :-)

Have a great week!
Happy knitting, Justyna

Grettir for Her

I’ve wanted make my own Grettir since Jared Flood published it.

I absolutely love fairisle and round yokes so it was pretty obvious this design would find its way to my closet. Well, not only mine as I cast on for my Hubby’s version yesterday.

I made my Grettir in Cascade Yarns 220. It’s worsted weight wool which means this sweater knit up really fast. I made it in between other projects and I was really surprised it went so fast. I modified the original instructions a little. My sleeves and body are longer. When I knit bottom-up sweaters I can never tell it all parts are long enough and I end up making them really long :-) I love the length of the body, but sleeves grew a little in washing so I have to fold the ribs now. I don’t mind that a lot as this sweater will be used by me during cold winter days so extra fabric on my wrists will be just perfect to keep my hands warm.

This was the second time I made a stranded round yoke. The first one was knit top-down with lots of increases and decreases to compensate for the gauge difference between the stranded part and Stockinette. So much fuss! Jared just tells you to go up in needle size and I admit I like it a lot more. The decreases are not all over the yoke, the stitches are clean and even, and the chart is very easy. Bravo!

There were also a couple of other modifications. My last short row section has only 4 short rows. I believe the original instructions work well with a turtle neck, but crewneck was too high on back neck for my taste. Also next time I’d work chart A instead of B – I’m short and those two rows less would make the yoke fit me better.

I highly recommend this pattern to everyone wanting to try stranded knitting for the first time. It’s really easy and Jared even tells you which color is dominant so your WS looks really neat.

All in all, I love my Grettir a lot and can’t wait to make the men’s version for my Hubby now. I just wish my modelled pics were better, but it’s either too dark or raining in here :-( So next time, when I model the sweater with Marcin :-)

Have a great weekend!