Rasta Velvet Cowl

I’ve wanted to make this cowl for over a year. First Szilvi published her Rasta Velvet Cape, but that one required 2 skiens of Malabrigo Rasta (I had only one) and it was actually too big for me. So I patiently waited for Szilvi to publish the cowl design.

At the beginning of October  “Rasta Velvet Cowl” by Sylvi Design was finally available.

I love everything about this design. Firstly I’m totally smitten by the butterfly stitch :-) Then I made it in 2 hours! (mostly in the car on the way to my in-laws)

I also love the fit as I desperatelly needed a snug cowl to wear with my winter jacket. I’m not a fan of scarves  – not only when it comes to making them (booooooring yawn!) – but also because I feel I can neaver wear them properly.

I had to make some adjustments to get the best fit I wanted. The cowl is supposed to be knit with very big needles (15 mm), which would result in a loose fabric, but I didn’t want that. Additionally, since I wanted the cowl to be extremly soft next to skin I planned to wash it from the very beginning (Eucalan can do unimaginable magic to Malabrigo – you will not be able to take the garment of, believe me!) and that meant way too loose fabric. When the designer informed me that she didn’t wash the cowl, I decided to cast on with these huge 15-mm needles and then work with size 12 mm (not much smaller, but there was a huge difference when knitting!).

Changing the gauge allowed me to make the cowl a little higher, but that also meant I’d have to be really careful (and lucky) about yardage. If you look closely you will notice I have 4 sections with butterflies, however the ones close to my face have only three “wings”.  Binding of was really exciting! I had to cut off the tail from the CO and join strands by felting the ends to make it possible to bind off the last 6 stitches. The pic below shows exacly how much yarn was left. Close huh?

The yarn is wonderful. It’s slightly felted and really soft. And I think this is the warmest accessory in my closet now. I love it!

We took the photos in Inowrocław – it’s a really beautiful town where my Hubby’s parents live. We didn’t have much sun, but despite that the park looked wonderful drowned in yellow and orange leaves. I was also able to take some pics of my new accessory design which I hope to present to you properly very soon.

Have a lovely week!



Sleeves first

I just have to share with you little sneak peeks of a new cardigan I’m working on. I’m pretty excited about this one – it is worked from top down with sleeve caps shaped using short rows. Recently I’ve been using contiguous method a lot and I needed something new. Well, it’s not completely new to me as I designed a cardigan with such shaping two years ago, but it feels refreshing to be doing something different.

I can’t reveal a lot as the design is a collaboration with one of the most talented yarn dyers I know, but I sure can show you its beautiful color. I love it – light blue with small hints of gray, just perfect. This one will definitelly get a lot of wear from me. Right now I’m working on the sleeves. Again I decided to make them first as it speeds up my work a lot.

Have a great Friday!

Hashtag feed

Aga studying yarn samples and planning a new design with me.
Wojtek and me admiring new prizes for upcoming KALs.
I know this one is very dark but it was taken at 7am when all of us were squeezed in one bed. Don’t you just love Sunday mornings?

I joined Instagram community some time ago and I’m still amazed at how close you can get to someone. It’s just great when you realize that the moment someone clicks “share”, you can actually become a part of his or her life no matter if this person lives in your street or on a totally different continent. Awesome, isn’t it?

If you wish to, you can step into our little world here – Lete’s Knits.


Have a lovely weekend, after all it starts tomorrow!