Crochet Shawl

I can’t remember what I learned first. Was it to crochet or to knit? Maybe both at the same time? Still whichever it was I’m not as good at crocheting as at knitting. I can only make simple crochet stitches that allow me to make really simple things. I’ve made a huge blanket for my family, I’ve crocheted some summer beanies for my daughter and I’ve also played a little with freeform appliques. A couple of days ago I realized that when I think of crochet, it always means relaxation to me. I guess it’s beacuse whenever I make something with this technique, I always do it for fun and not for work.
The shawl you see in the photos was made for my mother-in-law. She helps me a lot, not only with kids, but she also plays a big part in my designing process. She is the person who cakes yarn for me (I truly hate doing that),  advises and most importantly makes sure I can knit. On top of that she really loves when I make something for her. :-)

I had lots of DROPS Delight leftovers in my stash and I used almost all of them. I tried to stick to four colors: purple, green, blue and orange, all in various shades. I must say that despite the fact that I’m not a fan of purple I love the final result. I think it is perfect for a lady in her 60s: colorful, not too cheerful. I hope she likes it :-)

Pattern: Half Granny Square Shawl
Yarn: Drops Delight (1.5 skein altogether)
Hook: 4 mm

Have a fabulous week!



The Vampyre

So you get yourself three skeins of wonderful TOSH DK and you start wondering “3 skeins huh? Too few to make a sweater, too many to make a hat. So what now? Maybe a shawl?”.

Do you want lace? Nope, you want the shawl to be warm and cozy, not see-through.
Do you want cables? Nope, too fussy.
So why not just stick to your good old friend Garter? And Stockinette to get some variety? And short rows for the challenge and excitement?

And then you knit. You increase here, wrap and turn there… and wait a second! The shawl starts resembling a bat. OMG! So what do you name it? Dracula? Nosferatu? Eric? Or maybe just THE VAMPYRE?

I hope you have as much fun knitting the shawl as I had seeing it being born. :-)

The Vampyre is available on Ravelry or Lete’s Knits website.

This pattern is 20% off until 31st Oct. No code needed – the discount applies automatically. Happy Halloween!