Ah well…

This week Wojtek needs to stay home again. I knew he would be catching various bugs pretty often, but I never imagined it would be THAT often. I don’t mind him staying home but the thing is that I can see he misses kindergarten. Ah well…

He helps me in my work though :-)

He just loves taking part in all the photoshoots and if he can actually do something that is so much fun for him. So yesterday we wanted to try out a new gift from my hubby – a reflector. It’s super cool as it contains 7 types of surfaces. We tried only two – a silver one and a white one to shoot some yarn that I’m going to CO in the next few days.

I just can’t wait to start working with both of them. They have an amazing color and both are so soft. I will keep you posted about my progress for sure!

In the meantime, Carabe went to testing. I must say this cardigan is going to be my number 1 this winter. The softness of this yarn (Malabrigo Rios) is almost indecent.

And finally a small update on my Grettir. Making a bottom-up sweater is something I really avoid doing like hell, but I just love that first I’m done with the dreaded sleeves (yay to that!) and Jared saved the best (fair-isle) for last. ATM my sleeves are ready and last night I CO for body.

How are you doing this week?


Busy Bee

Last week was very busy. First my son got sick and had to stay home. You know what it’s like when your child skips kindergarten and all your plans fall through. Well, it happened to me…  Thankfully I managed to publish a cardigan design made in wonderful Malabrigo Sock – Criollo .

At the moment the cardigan is at a 10% discount on Ravelry. You do not need to type in any coupon code, just add it to cart and voila.

When Wojtek went back to kindergarten, I was still busy as I volounteered to help his teachers on a trip to a farm. We had so much fun and it was truly good quality time spend with my kiddo. It did keep me away from the keyboard and working though.

But it does not mean I’m not working at all. I am. Three more collaborations are coming in the very near future and I must say I’m truly excited about each of them as they are made with yarns created by very talented dyers.

I also finished a new cardigan design called “Carabe” so a lot of typing is ahead of me.

Hope you and I have a wonderful weekend now!

I Heart Rios

It’s gloomy, rainy and both my kiddos are home with a cold. I can’t work much so the only mindless thing I can do is make hats my kids need so much.

I’ve been collecting odd lefties of Malabrigo Rios for a while now and I think it’s high time I used some. Maybe the colors are not very bright, but I’ll mix them with some other yarn goodies to get some nice cheerful hats.

First I made a beanie for Wojtek as he needs one more. I took my old freebie “Fasolka” and cast on for the smallest size to compensate for worsted gauge.

Also for the first time I decided to use knitted-in elastic in rib. It’s an elastic thin thread you work together with the yarn.

It’s transparent so it’s not really visible, but I guess a black one would have been even better (though I don’t know if you can get it in such a color). I made only a couple of rows with it just to check if it really makes a big difference – will let you know in a while how it behaves.

It knit up really fast – worsted gauge and stripes did the trick I must say. Eventually I ended up using colors: lettuce, azul profundo, paris night, solis and fresco y seco. The yellow bits are pirate’s treasure from Color Adventures Aran.

I didn’t plan the striping as I love when they are random. If you’d like to make random stripes and don’t feel very adventurous you can always use random stripes generator.

Now I just wish it would stop raining… In the meantime I’ll make a second one for Aga.